Leveling four necros turned into a wild and glorious experience. With a girl band of necros and a barrage of minions, we conquered every boss. The party specialized with Frost Mages, Pyro Mages, Death Knights, and poison. The boss fights were a spectacle, with our legion of minions overwhelming the enemies. It was an epic RPG journey, and a special thanks to my friends for joining me. The final boss battles were intense, but we emerged victorious with our fearless minion army. Easy peasy!

Introduction 🎮

Hey everybody, it’s kurur. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had while leveling a new character. What started as a girl band of four necros grew into something much more exciting. Let’s dive right into the beginning!

The Premise 💀

The plan was simple – we went with four necros and spammed as many minions as possible, preferably with projectiles, to see if our computers could handle it. Surprisingly, they did not melt, and we breezed through the entire game, including every single boss.

Specialization and Gratitude 👥

In this video, I want to highlight the boss fights and share the joy of running four necro minion spam. We even specialized with different types of minions and a special thanks to Three Friends of the channel drin Almighty Justice and Roman Trojan who joined me on this 10-hour journey.

Highlights of Boss Fights 🌟

We equipped various minions – Frost Mages, Pyro Mages, Death Knights, and Poison Lies with one party member supporting six or seven bone Golems at the end of the run. It was indeed a spectacular RPG experience.

Elder Pion Boss Fight 💥

  • In this fight, there were a lot of particles and intense moments.
  • The boss’s health bar was impressive but with our well-equipped minions, we managed to finish him off.

ACT Final Bosses Showdown 🗡️

  • Slaying all the final bosses was incredibly satisfying.
  • The massive army of minions we had made it look easy to take them down one by one.

Jorah Boss Battle 🏹

  • Being significantly underleveled, entering a level 58 zone at level 37 was quite an experience.
  • Despite being outnumbered, our minions proved to be formidable allies in battle.

Avarus Maasa Epic Encounter 🐉

  • The essence of Avarus Maasa had to hide from our relentless minions.
  • The phase two battle was intense but ultimately resulted in victory for our glorious Army.

Conclusion 🔚

This memorable experience has truly been one of the most fun leveling adventures. With teamwork and determination, we overcame numerous challenges and emerged victorious in epic battles against powerful foes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Teamwork and strategy are essential in overcoming tough challenges.
  • Minion specialization can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

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