The Golemstorm build is a meme turned monster! My lazy, ice cream-themed build drops Cold Stone Elementals like crazy, obliterating enemies. No uniques required, just grab some gear and let those rocks rain down. This off-meta, supercharged minion build crushes all content with up to 58 little Golems at your command. It’s cold, it’s frosty, and it’s an absolute blast to play! 💥🧊🤖


Welcome to this unique and off-meta Last Epoch build guide! Today, we’re diving into the Golem storm, a necromancer-style build inside of the Shaman class, focused on creating Cold Stone Elementals through the use of Avalanche boulders. Stay tuned to learn how this build can take on challenging content and provide immense fun in the process.

Key Takeaways

| Build Type | Golemancer/Necromancer |
| Specialization | Shaman |
| Unique Mechanic | Creation of Cold Stone Elementals |
| Unique Skills | Avalanche, Summon Wolves, Summon Spriggan, War Cry |
| Unique Passives | Beastmaster, Druid |
| Required Uniques | None |

Introduction 🎮

We are introducing something new and unique in the Last Epoch community – the Golem storm build, which brings the concept of creating and empowering Cold Stone Elementals, a niche minion that is unknown to most. This build originated from a joke but has evolved into a powerful and equally enjoyable way to experience the game.

The Concept 🤔

The Golem storm build centers around the Avalanche skill, which spawns boulders that have a chance to transform into Cold Stone Elementals upon hitting the ground. To maximize the effectiveness of this build, the focus is on creating a large army of these little minions to clear content effortlessly.

Unique Skill Avalanche
Transformation Boulders into Cold Stone Elementals
Strategy Create an army of minions through boulder spamming
Key Mechanic Non-channeling, follow mode for boulder drops

The Skills 😈

We start with the key skill, Avalanche, which is crucial for the Golem storm build. Additional skills include Summon Wolves, Summon Spriggan, and War Cry, each playing a specific role in enhancing the effectiveness of our minions and providing ample damage support.

Skill Role
Avalanche Main skill for spawning Cold Stone Elementals
Summon Wolves Buff and support our minion army
Summon Spriggan Supplemental minion support
War Cry Provides totem-based minion support

The Passives 🛡️

The Golem storm build heavily invests in Beastmaster, Druid, and Shaman classes to extract the most potential from the passive skill trees. Notably, these passives provide an array of benefits such as damage reduction, critical chance, and frostbite application.

Passive Notable Effects
Beastmaster Damage reduction, enhanced minion performance
Druid Frostbite application and critical bonuses
Shaman Required for Avalanche skill activation

Keep in mind that these passives significantly impact the strength and sustainability of the overall build, making them invaluable for maximizing efficiency.

Conclusion 🏁

The Golem storm build presents a refreshing take on Last Epoch gameplay, with a focus on unconventional minion creation and management. It offers a blend of meme-style fun and potent content clearing capabilities, making it an exciting and viable option for players to explore.

Don’t miss out on this unique and exciting build that guarantees both effectiveness and enjoyment in Last Epoch. Embrace the Golem storm and witness the power of the Cold Stone Elementals in action! 🌪️🔮

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