The Runemaster lightning blast build is a versatile and powerful choice for End Game content in Last Epoch. By generating high Ward and using crowd control, this build excels in pushing modlets and Arenas. It’s all about applying ailments, getting buff stacks, and managing your skills for maximum impact. Plus, the unique itemization and blessings play a key role in taking this build to the next level. It’s a powerful and fun build that’s ready to take on the toughest challenges with style. ⚡🛡️

Build Explanation 🎮

The Runemaster is a versatile Caster class with multiple viable play styles. This guide will focus on the Enigma lightning blast build, which is known for its crowd control abilities and incredible Ward generation, making it perfect for pushing monoliths and arenas.

Answering Questions 🤔

  • Rune Bolt: Specializes in Rune Bolt tree without slotting it on the action bar, relying on Frost Wall to cast Rune bolts for the necessary Rune Weave Stacks.
  • Casting Frost Guard: Achieved by having Snap Freeze as the first ability in the action bar, granting a cold Rune and converting it to Fire using Frost Wall, which is then further converted into a Frost spell to activate Frost Guard Shield.

Build Functionality 🌩️

The build’s approach to running monoliths is to focus on generating Ward by combining different abilities, casting Lightning Blast for constant damage, and utilizing Frost Wall and Snap Freeze for crowd control.

Playing Strategy 🌀

  • To maintain a buffer of Ward, cast Flame Ward for extra retention.
  • In high-density areas, cast Frost Walls to gain frenzy and Rune Weave Stacks.
  • Continuously cast Lightning Blast for increased cast speed, crit, and Ward to maximize damage output.

Levelling Strategy 📊

To level up effectively, prioritize Lightning Blast as the primary spell and experiment with other skill slots. Early game, consider gear with Mana regeneration, and gradually transition to the endgame build by focusing on offensive upgrades and maxing out resistance.

End Game Itemization 💎

  • Stat Priorities: Intelligence, cast speed, crit multiplier, W retention, hybrid health, and resistance.
  • Unique Priority: Items like The Mad Alchemist Lateral, Fragment of the Enigma, Siphon of Anguish, Strand of Souls, and Twisted Heart of Ukos are recommended for the build.

Optimizing Gear 🛡️

To optimize gear, focus on finding specific bases for exalted items, such as Tyrant Regalia for the chest piece and Arcane Visage for the helmet. Also, aim to unlock blessings like the Black Sun to sustain yourself and enhance the build’s operational capabilities.

Conclusion ✨

In conclusion, this guide provides insights into the End Game Runemaster build, outlining itemization, gear optimization, and levelling strategies. With this information, you can effectively progress through the game and tackle high-level content. Like and subscribe for more Runemaster content!

Key Takeaways:

  • Versatile Caster class with multiple play styles
  • Focuses on Ward generation, crowd control, and sustained damage output
  • Consider gear prioritization, unique item selection, and blessings for optimal build performance.

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