This Void Knight Devouring Orb Auto-Bomber build is a beast, packing a hefty HP pool and solid damage mitigation. It’s a tanky, mobile, and forgiving choice, great for group play or as a season starter. Plus, it’s affordable to gear up, making it accessible to all players. With crowd control and W generation support, it’s a boss-killing frontliner. Smite adds decent single-target damage, while the strategy revolves around maintaining four sigils and spamming Devouring Orbs for maximum DPS. Leveling tips suggest starting with hammer throw and transitioning to Devouring Orb later. Itemization focuses on vitality, crit chance, cast speed, and spell/void damage. The ravenous void gloves elevate tankiness, while other gear synergizes for both offense and defense. A well-rounded guide for a powerful character build. 🛡️⚔️

🛡️ Introduction

Greetings, adventurers! Today, I’m thrilled to unveil a formidable character build for your gaming pleasure: the Devouring Orb Autobomber Void Knight. This build boasts remarkable tankiness and formidable damage mitigation, making it a force to be reckoned with in the 1.0 Cycle.

🔮 Overview

Key Takeaways:

Tanky and durable Excellent mobility Forgiving build
Utilizes large HP pool Benefits from Healing Hands Cost-effective gearing

💥 The Build in Action

Let’s delve into the intricacies of this powerhouse build.

🌑 Devouring Orb Mastery

Our mainstay, the Devouring Orb, is enhanced with the Dark Moon node, prioritizing Cosmic Imp and Extinction for optimal damage output. Additional points in Rift Collar and Chaotic Torrent bolster void penetration, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Devouring Orb Skill Tree
Dark Moon Node
Cosmic Imp & Extinction
Rift Collar
Chaotic Torrent

🙌 Healing Hands

Prioritize acquiring Healing Hands for enhanced survivability. Maximize mana efficiency while investing in Fear the Undead and Immobilize for crowd control.

Healing Hands Skill Path
Movement Ability
Mana Efficiency
Fear the Undead

⚔️ Smite Strategy

For Smite, focus on maximizing damage with Sacrifice and Atunement nodes. Prioritize raw damage nodes and consider investing in Blind for additional utility.

Smite Skill Path
Raw Damage

🌟 Sigils of Hope Utilization

Adapt your Sigils of Hope strategy based on leveling progress. Initially, prioritize damage and healing effectiveness before transitioning to void skills for synergy with Devouring Orb.

Sigils of Hope Strategy
Damage & Healing
Convert to Void
Chance to Cast on Kill
Additional Sigil

⏳ Anomaly Tactics

Maximize Anomaly’s potential by focusing on Time Bubble buffs. Utilize Time Lord for cooldown recovery and enhanced mobility within the bubble.

Anomaly Skill Path
Time Bubble
Time Lord

📜 Build Progression

Leveling Phase

Hammer Throw serves as an effective early-game option, with Rebuke for crowd control. Transition to Devouring Orb around level 50, prioritizing Paladin tree passives for increased survivability.

Early-Game Strategy
Hammer Throw
Paladin Passives
Transition to Devouring Orb

Itemization Insights

Optimize Vitality for increased HP and damage scaling. Anchor of Oblivion enhances endurance, while crit chance and cast speed are crucial for DPS optimization.

Itemization Focus
Anchor of Oblivion
Crit Chance

🛡️ Gear Recommendations

Ravenous Void Gloves provide unparalleled tankiness, while other gear choices prioritize crit chance and spell damage. Look for synergy between items like the Staff of Omnipotence and Titan Heart.

Notable Gear:

  • Ravenous Void Gloves
  • Staff of Omnipotence
  • Titan Heart

🎬 Conclusion

In conclusion, the Devouring Orb Autobomber Void Knight is a force to be reckoned with in Last Epoch. With its potent combination of tankiness, mobility, and damage output, it stands as a formidable option for seasoned adventurers and newcomers alike. Stay tuned for more exciting builds and strategies!


Q: Can this build be adapted for solo play?
A: Absolutely! While it excels in group settings, it’s equally potent for solo adventures.

Q: Are there alternative gearing options?
A: Certainly! Experiment with different gear combinations to suit your playstyle and preferences.

Remember, adaptability is key on your journey through Last Epoch! 🌟

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