💡 Paladin Perfection: Tired of being squishy? Dive into endgame hassle-free with this Paladin build. Stack attack speed for endless Healing Hands. Max resistances for invincibility. No matter the gear, speed is key. Stay close for maximum impact. Fight smart, stay alive. Victory awaits! ⚔️🔥🛡️



Welcome to another quick guide on creating an unkillable Paladin build in Last Epoch! This guide is designed to be beginner-friendly and easy to follow, helping you navigate through the end game content with ease. Stick around till the end for a crucial tip that can significantly improve your gameplay experience.

Gear and Attributes

When it comes to gear, prioritize items with high attack speed for optimal performance. Shields are recommended for off-hand use to complement your attack speed bonuses. Resistance should be capped for maximum survivability. If you opt for a different build, focus on armor and endurance to mitigate damage.

Important Abilities

  1. Vengeance: Provides damage reduction and attack speed bonuses, making you crit-resistant.
  2. Holy Aura: Choose between Ward or damage enhancements based on your playstyle. Healing Hands is crucial for survivability.
  3. Sigils of Hope: Utilize this ability for global damage boosts, synergizing well with Healing Hands.

Passives and Talents

The build offers versatility, allowing customization based on your preferences. Key passives include increased attack speed, resistance boosts, and healing effectiveness. Prioritize attunement for fire spell damage and mana benefits.

Sentinel Passives

  1. Attack Speed: Stack attack speed with swords and axes for faster combat.
  2. Armor and Endurance: Balance between armor for protection and endurance for non-Ward builds.
  3. Void Knight and Paladin: Adjust resistances and healing effectiveness as needed for specific encounters.

Stats and Gameplay Tips

  1. Attack Speed: Crucial for your build, aim for maximum attack speed to optimize Healing Hands.
  2. Resistance and Armor: Cap resistances and focus on armor for damage mitigation.
  3. Endurance: Important for non-Ward builds, providing significant damage reduction.
  4. HP and Warding: Balancing HP and Warding is key for survivability and damage potential.
  5. Idols: Customize your idols for additional health, armor shreds, and damage boosts.

Crucial Tip

Always ensure you’re within range of your target during combat to maximize your effectiveness and survivability.


The unkillable Paladin build in Last Epoch offers a balanced approach to end game content, combining high survivability with decent damage output. Experiment with different abilities and gear setups to find your optimal playstyle. Happy gaming and may your adventures be victorious!

Key Takeaways:

  • Prioritize attack speed and resistance.
  • Customize abilities based on your preferred playstyle.
  • Maintain a balance between HP, Warding, and damage mitigation.
  • Always stay in range of your target for maximum efficiency.


  1. Can this build handle end game content?
    Yes, with proper gear and skill allocation, this build can tackle challenging content.
  2. What if I prefer more offensive capabilities?
    Adjust talents and gear to prioritize damage while maintaining survivability.
  3. Is this build beginner-friendly?
    Absolutely, it’s designed to be accessible for newcomers while offering depth for advanced players.


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