Last Epoch is like a promising dish missing its secret sauce. Despite echoes of Diablo and Path of Exile, it lacks that special flavor. It feels like a lab experiment rather than a groundbreaking creation. The game’s depth is admirable, but it’s missing that wow factor. Crafting feels like spinning a roulette wheel, and the endgame needs more spice. Still, the dedication of the dev team shines through, offering hope for a tastier experience in the future. 🎮


Last Epoch, positioned as a potential successor to Diablo and Path of Exile, has garnered attention. As an avid player of ARPGs, I recently dived into Last Epoch. In this review, I’ll provide insights into the game’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for improvement.

Key Takeaways Table

Pros Cons
Engaging Combat Mechanics Lack of Innovative Game Design
Fluid Character Movement Issues in UI and User Experience
Unique Crafting System Campaign Inconsistency
Free Respec System Endgame Boss Variety
Intriguing Endgame Content Repetitiveness in Late Gameplay

Exploring Last Epoch’s Foundation

Last Epoch seems to draw inspiration from successful ARPGs, particularly Path of Exile and Diablo. However, it struggles to break away from the conventional and offer something truly groundbreaking. Many aspects, from skill design to UI, feel like a blend of existing ideas rather than a fresh approach.

Crafting and Economy: A Delicate Balance

The crafting system in Last Epoch introduces an interesting dynamic. Crafting items involves a mix of RNG and strategic decision-making, contributing to the in-game economy. This approach differs from Path of Exile’s more deterministic crafting, fostering a unique player experience.

Solo Self-Found: A Mode for the Purists

The inclusion of the Solo Self-Found mode adds depth to Last Epoch’s gameplay. This mode caters to players who seek a more self-reliant experience, emphasizing the thrill of finding and crafting items without relying on external trades.

Dungeon System: A Familiar Yet Solid Structure

Last Epoch’s dungeon system, reminiscent of greater rifts in Diablo or Path of Exile, offers challenging content for endgame players. While it may seem somewhat repetitive, the rewards, particularly in the form of favor, provide a meaningful progression path.

Endgame Bosses and Character Enjoyability

The high-end game in Last Epoch features engaging bosses, though some players may find certain builds more enjoyable than others. The game manages to strike a balance between difficulty and reward, making boss encounters a crucial part of the endgame experience.

Final Thoughts and Expectations

In conclusion, Last Epoch presents a solid foundation for an ARPG but falls short of being a revolutionary title. The development team’s commitment is evident, and improvements could elevate the game to new heights. As the game evolves, addressing UI issues, enhancing innovative gameplay elements, and refining the campaign’s consistency will be key.

Looking Forward to the Future of Last Epoch! 🚀

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