Last Epoch is like a crazy mix of arpg and fantasy world, and choosing your class mastery is a big deal. It’s like picking your superhero identity, so choose wisely or you might regret it! Crafting in the game is like unraveling a mystery box – you never know what you’re gonna get, but it’s always a fun ride. And let’s not forget about the epic loot filter that’s gonna declutter your screen like a boss. So gear up, get crafting, and make those enemies wish they never crossed your path! 🎮🔥

Key Takeaways

This guide provides useful tips for playing Last Epoch more efficiently and enjoyably. It highlights the importance of classes and masteries, skills, and crafting, as well as in-depth details on building a functional loot filter to manage items effectively.

Classes and Masteries 🎮

In Last Epoch, choosing a class with its respective three masteries results in 15 unique masteries. This choice is permanent but can be reallocated using gold to avoid wasting points. Each mastery comes with a signature skill and passive bonuses, unlocking the rightmost half of the respective mastery’s passive tree.

Skills and Customization 💫

Last Epoch boasts over 120 fully customizable unique skills with skill trees for each mastery, enabling players to specialize their playstyle. Identifying and picking skills that align with your preferred gameplay is crucial, whether focusing on spells, melee attacks, or a combination of both.

Crafting and Enchanting ✨

Crafting plays a significant role in Last Epoch, where balancing forging potential and acquiring apex shards enhances items. Runes of shattering and removal are essential for breaking items and acquiring shards, while glyphs of hope and discovery can preserve forging potential and upgrade item functionality.

Efficient Loot Filtering 🎒

Managing items effectively with an advanced loot filter is key to gameplay progression. Tailoring rules based on character needs and highlighting useful subtypes and stats ensures efficient item management, ultimately impacting the overall gaming experience.


This guide aims to minimize errors and maximize enjoyment for new players embarking on their Last Epoch journey. Focusing on classes and masteries, skills and customization, crafting and enchanting, and efficient loot filtering proves crucial in creating a positive gaming experience in the game. LLC

If you don’t fancy the play style of your chosen Mastery, it’s a good idea not to delete the character. You can resect your Mastery points in town at NPCs with the brain icon.

"Skills are the backbone of any character build in Last Epoch."

Last Epoch has garnered significant attention from ARPG fans and continues to evolve with its 1.0 version that offers immense customization options across various gameplay aspects, from classes and masteries to skills and loot filtering.

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