The future of MMOs is at stake with the revelation of shady practices by Nexon. From manipulating rates to punishing dedicated players, the industry’s integrity is in question. Dynamic rate patents reveal a grim reality: your gameplay affects your loot, potentially ruining the experience. Transparency is key, but until then, caution is advised in choosing your games. Stay informed, stay wary. 🎮


The investigation into Nexon’s practices by the Korean Commission revealed manipulative tactics regarding cash shop items in their MMO, MapleStory. Nexon was found guilty of rate manipulation, altering the odds of obtaining rare items from loot boxes without disclosing changes to players. Despite internal discussions about transparency, Nexon opted against disclosure. This discovery raises concerns about the entire MMO genre, as Nexon holds a patent in Korea for dynamic rate adjustments based on player activity. Such manipulations could impact player experiences and raise questions about fairness and transparency in gaming.

🚨 Investigating Nexon: Unveiling the Dark Side of MMOs 🚨

The Revelation 🔍

The investigation into Nexon’s practices uncovered manipulative tactics surrounding cash shop items in their flagship MMO, MapleStory.

Altered Odds 🎲

Cube Sales (2010-2021) $420 million
Fine Imposed by Korean FTC 2% tax on earnings

The Patent: A Grim Reality 😱

Nexon’s patent in Korea for dynamic rate adjustments based on player activity sheds light on a troubling reality for MMO enthusiasts.

The Sinister Patent 📜

Dynamic Rate Adjustments: Implications
– Player Activity Impact on Rates
– Location-Based Rate Alterations
– Adjustments Based on User Engagement

The Impact: Players Beware 🛑

The implications of dynamic rate adjustments extend beyond mere gameplay, potentially altering player experiences and perceptions of fairness.

A Shady Game 🕵️‍♂️

Hidden Truths
– Impact on Player Motivation
– Punishing Dedicated Players
– Transparency Concerns

The Call to Action: Demanding Transparency 📢

As gamers, it’s crucial to advocate for transparency and fairness in gaming practices, ensuring that players are informed and empowered.

Advocating for Change ✊

Gaming Ethics
– Demanding Disclosure
– Supporting Fair Practices
– Empowering Players

Key Takeaways:

  1. Transparency is crucial in gaming to maintain player trust and fairness.
  2. Dynamic rate adjustments can impact player experiences and perceptions.
  3. Advocating for transparency and fair gaming practices is essential for the gaming community.


Q: What is the significance of Nexon’s patent for dynamic rate adjustments?
A: Nexon’s patent highlights potential manipulative tactics in MMOs, raising concerns about fairness and transparency.

Q: How can players advocate for transparency in gaming?
A: By demanding disclosure and supporting fair gaming practices, players can promote transparency and accountability in the gaming industry.


The revelations regarding Nexon’s practices serve as a wake-up call for the gaming community, underscoring the importance of transparency and fair gaming practices. As players, it’s imperative to advocate for ethical standards and hold gaming companies accountable for their actions. Together, we can ensure a gaming environment that is fair, transparent, and enjoyable for all.

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