Totems are back, baby! The new Tempest Totem build is a game-changer in Last Epoch. Jump around with Fury Leap to buff your totems and trigger upheaval. Storm Crows are great support and provide intelligence. Tempest Strike creates fast-hitting totems. Gladiator doubles the damage of your totems. With maxed resistances and 3700 life, you’ll be a monster. Time to subscribe and join my patreon for bonus content! Let’s go! 🌩️🪙🎮

Introduction 🌪️

Welcome to the action RPG build guide Edition! Today, I’m excited to share with you my brand new totem master build for 1.0. I have spent time perfecting this build, and if you’re a fan of totems, I believe we have cracked the code to bring them back stronger than ever. In this video, I’ll walk you through the skills, passives, and gear for the build, which is focused around the new skill Tempest strike.

Fury Leap and Upheaval Totems 🔥

Fury leap is the key to buffing your totems, providing frenzy, life, and cleansing, while also triggering upheaval. This skill allows you to jump and every time you land, you have a totem. The crucial node "Master of Totem Upheaval" grants your totems increased armor and damage multiplicative for 4 seconds after each upheaval hit, allowing for potentially unlimited stacking. This creates a synergy that buffs your totems while dealing damage to enemies.

Skill Nodes
Fury Leap Buffs totems, frenzy, life, cleansing, Upheaval triggering
Master of Totem Upheaval Increased armor and damage for totems after upheaval hit
Blow Creates three fault lines
Earth Creates five fault lines

Storm Crows and Support 🌩️

Storm Crows are utilized for their support abilities in the build, providing healing, intelligence, and attacking. While spec’ed into traversal and full damage, they work as a supplementary damage dealer to the totems.

Tempest Strike and Gladiator 🌪️

The newest skill, Tempest Strike, creates Tempest totems that can have varying attack speeds. Combined with the Gladiator passive, this results in a substantial damage boost for both the totems and the crows.

Passives and Gear 🏹

A detailed breakdown of the passives and gear used in the build, including specific items, nodes, and stats for maximum effectiveness.

Sustain and Endurance 🛡️

Fury leap, Storm Crows, and specific gear choices all contribute to the sustain and endurance of the build, ensuring survival during combat.

Conclusion ✨

The new Shaman totem master build has proven to be a fun and effective playstyle, with the potential for significant damage output. I look forward to sharing gameplay footage after further testing. Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome in the comment section. Additionally, consider subscribing and checking out my Patreon for exclusive content and support options.

Key Takeaways 📝

  • Fury Leap and Upheaval create a powerful synergy that buffs your totems.
  • Storm Crows provide support and healing, making them essential in the build strategy.
  • Tempest Strike and Gladiator passive combination significantly boosts damage output.
  • Specific gear choices and passive allocations enhance sustain and endurance for the build.

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