👻 Wraith Lord Harbor is an absolute powerhouse, summoning wraiths for over 300,000 damage. With unique gameplay mechanics, like feeding on bone minions, and empowering itself with every transplant, it’s a deadly force. Alongside the infernal shades and drain life skills, it’s a fearsome build with David Harbor’s touch. Get ready for some insane damage! #LastEpoch #WraithLord #NecromancerBuild

Skills and Passive Tree 🧙‍♂️

Wraiths as Main Damage Dealer:

  • Melee Necrotic for wraiths, with focus on attack speed, necrotic damage, and crit/crit damage
  • Transplant for minimizing wraith minions, empowering wraith Lord, and increasing survivability
  • Infernal Shade to enhance wraiths with unlimited duration and multiplicative damage

Passive Tree

  • Standard acolyte tree with intelligence, resistance, and minion boosts
  • Skills tested with a focus on boosting minion damage and armor shred

Idols and Gears 💍👢


  • Life Idols with one chance for Mark of Death for minions


  • Significant emphasis on boosting minion damage, health, intelligence, and resistance
  • Special mention of the versatile Exiled Mages belt and boots for additional minion support

Unique Wraith Lord Harbor Item 🏰

  • Created by David Harbor, this item summons a powerful wraith Lord that scales with summon wraith tree
  • Inflicts necrotic beams and gains temporary maximum health and damage by consuming non-wraith minions in combat

Conclusion and Community Engagement 🙌

After extensively testing and analyzing the Wraith Lord build, the community has shown overwhelming support, making it an enjoyable and informative experience. With continuous community engagement and positive energy, this build continues to be a popular topic during the live sessions.

The comprehensive breakdown of skills, passive tree, gear, and unique item usage exemplifies how the Wraith Lord build is a powerhouse of damage with a focus on survivability and minion empowerment. This guide promises to be an essential resource for players seeking a robust build in Last Epoch.

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