This Skelly mancer autobomber build is a total game-changer! It’s like creating a symphony of explosions with your skeletons. It’s a wild ride, and while it may not be super tanky, it’s got serious potential. You can start with zero unique items and transition into a beastly summoner build. Plus, you can literally AFK in the Arena and still dominate. It’s a blast! 🎮💥

In this Last Epoch video, we’ll be diving into the details of the Skelly mancer autobomber build, a unique minion build that utilizes a variety of mechanics to create a well-rounded character. At its core, the build revolves around explosive capabilities, summoning minions that explode and synergize with each other to deal significant damage.

Building the Skeleton Army 💀

Upon initial assessment, the build seems to require specific items, such as the ex chest piece and the frostbite shackles, to optimize its defensive capabilities. However, it’s designed to be playable without any unique items, making it an ideal choice for players looking for a solid summoner build to start with.

In terms of corruption pushing, the build is viable up to 500 with good gear and potentially up to 600 with exceptional equipment. While not designed for super high-corruption levels, it offers a smooth gameplay experience and allows for comfortable scaling without relying heavily on specific items.

Gearing Up and Blessings 🛡️

Understanding the intricacies of the gear setup, idols, and blessings is crucial for maximizing the build’s potential. The use of specific items like frostbite shackles and potential last step the living is recommended for optimum performance. Additionally, focusing on minion damage, HP, intelligence, and resistances significantly enhances the build’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

Mastering the Mechanics 🤖

The heart of the build lies in the utilization of minions, such as Bob and Mage skeletons, that work in harmony to deal explosive damage. By strategically speccing into abilities like profane oblation and maximizing base chance of critical hits, the build ensures that the Mage skeletons explode enemies, creating a cascading effect that decimates opponents.

Summons and Explosions 🌋

Mastering the art of summoning and managing minions is crucial for success with this build. Whether it’s strategically placing dread shade on specific minions, casting mage skeletons to explode enemies, or ensuring the sustained availability of zombies, each aspect contributes to an efficient, smoothly running minion army.

Scaling and Optimization 📈

As the build scales up to corruption levels of 12,000-13,000, it provides a comfortable gaming experience, with the potential to reach even higher levels with optimized gear. By understanding the key mechanics and gearing strategies, players can fully leverage the build’s potential to clear content efficiently and enjoyably.

Conclusion 🎮

In conclusion, the Minion AUTOBOMBER build in Last Epoch offers a unique and enjoyable gameplay experience for summoner enthusiasts. Its well-roundedness, flexible gear requirements, and strong scaling potential make it a solid choice for those looking to enter the summoner playstyle in the game.

Key Takeaways Table:

Aspect Description
Build Type Minion AUTOBOMBER
Playability Life-based variant
Corruption Pushing Viable up to 500 corruption, potential scaling up to 600 with exceptional gear
Gear Requirements Recommended focus on items like frostbite shackles, last step the living, and ex chest piece
Gameplay Experience Offers enjoyable AFK potential, smooth scaling, and strong offensive capabilities

When delving into the mechanics of the Minion AUTOBOMBER build, it becomes evident that the synergy between different minions and specialized gear setup leads to a potent summoner experience. As players navigate the Last Epoch, this build offers an intriguing mix of explosive capabilities and comfortable scalability, ensuring a rewarding gaming journey. 🖤

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