Creating alt characters in Last Epoch can make the game more fun, but crafting and gearing them up can be a pain. Starting out, make sure to pick up items off the ground and craft on them immediately for a big damage boost. Always be checking your stash for low-level items and use crafting materials from your main character. Join a faction for free rewards and consider buying items on the market for a leg up. Lastly, Weaver’s Will items level up with you and can provide powerful bonuses. With these tips, you’ll be zooming through levels in no time! Keep crafting and have fun with your alt builds. 💥🎮😎 #GameTips #LastEpoch #AltCharacters

Making Alt Characters in Last Epoch 🔥

Hey guys, Zuko here with another Last Epoch video! If you’re like me and enjoy creating multiple characters in an action RPG season, then this is the video to help you get started.

Starting Out in the First Town 🏞️

When you first get to the first town on an alternate character, there are some important things to do. You should pick up items off the ground to immediately start crafting on items. This includes boots, gloves, a chest piece, and maybe a staff.

Item Crafted Added Stats
Hatchet Cold & Fire Damage
Chest Piece Vitality
Boots Movement Speed & Strength
Helmet Strength & Attunement
Gloves Attunement & Strength
Ring Strength

Check Your Stash & Factions 🧰

In addition to crafting on your gear, be sure to check your stash for low-level items that can improve your character’s performance. Also, consider joining the Circle of Fortune for some buffs and rank rewards from your main character.

Weaver’s Will Items & Conclusion 🏹

Lastly, utilizing Weaver’s Will items can provide additional bonuses as they level up with you. With these tips, you can gear up your alt characters and level up super fast in Last Epoch!

Key Takeaways

  • Always be crafting on your gear
  • Check your stash for low-level powerful items
  • Utilize Weaver’s Will items to level up with you


Q: Can I buy items on the market for my alt character?
A: Yes, if you have enough gold accumulated on your main character, you can consider purchasing items from the market to accelerate your alt character’s progression.

Thank you for watching, and if you have any suggestions for builds or classes, let me know in the comments below! Stay tuned for more Shaman builds and gameplay. Love you all and see you in the next one! 💪🎮

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