"Crafting your last Epoch journey is a wild ride, mate! Always focus on gear affixes, experiment with skills, and build up your health ward. And don’t forget to check out the merchants and use the built-in loot filter. Boss fights? No worries, just keep calm and learn those mechanics! Good luck on your adventure! 🎮🔮"


In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to become a pro in Last Epoch, featuring Jarrod’s tips and recommendations. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned action RPG fan, these tips will help you navigate the game with ease.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways from Jarrod’s tips:

Loot Tip Gear Affixes Improving Health
Focus on loot implicits for early game advantage Pay attention to gear affixes for maximum benefit Prioritize building health and ward to reduce damage taken

Understanding Loot and Gear Implicits

When starting in Last Epoch, understanding the loot and gear implicits is crucial for a smoother gameplay experience. It’s important to focus on loot implicits to improve your initial levels. For example, prioritizing implicits such as increased speed, magic rarity, or stat range can significantly impact your gameplay.

Loot Implicit Example

Loot Implicits Impact
Increased speed Enhanced movement and combat agility
Magic rarity Higher chance of obtaining rare items
Stat range Improved stats for effective gameplay

Maximizing Gear Affixes

Gear affixes play a vital role in enhancing your character’s abilities and overall performance. It’s essential to pay close attention to affixes such as prefixes and suffixes, as they can significantly boost your gear attributes.

Gear Affixes Breakdown

Affix Type Description
Prefixes Enhances specific attributes and skills
Suffixes Provides additional bonuses and effects
Rare Items Can have up to four affixes for maximum benefits

Improving Health and Ward

Building and sustaining health and ward are vital for surviving and thriving in Last Epoch. By focusing on improving your health and ward, you can mitigate damage and ensure a smoother gameplay experience.

Health and Ward Tip

Health and Ward Tips
Prioritize health and ward to withstand damage
Early passive upgrades can provide significant boosts
Carefully select your Mastery to enhance vital traits

Mastering Active Skills and Passives

Selecting and mastering active skills and passives are essential for optimizing your character’s abilities and strengths. It’s important to strategize and make well-informed decisions based on your intended build and gameplay style.

Mastery Tip

Mastery Spec Recommendations
Choose your Mastery wisely for comprehensive advantages
Dive into the new passive tree to tailor your character’s strength to your playstyle

Exploring Diverse Playstyles and Builds

Last Epoch provides an extensive range of playstyles and builds, allowing players to experiment and customize their characters to suit their preferences.

Build Diversity

Build Variety Aspects
Access to multiple skills and playstyles
Unleash your creativity with unique character builds

Crafting and Item Enhancement

Understanding the crafting system and utilizing item enhancement knowledge can elevate your gameplay by maximizing the potential of your equipment.

Crafting and Enhancement

Crafting Mechanism Optimization Strategies
Learn to utilize shards to improve gear affixes and attributes
Utilize the loot filter to prioritize desired items and enhancements

Navigating Dungeons and Boss Mechanics

Successfully navigating dungeons and mastering boss mechanics require patience, strategy, and adaptability. Learning and understanding the mechanics will be key to overcoming challenges.

Boss Mechanics Navigation

Mechanics Mastery Tips
Stay patient and adapt to different boss mechanics
Research boss mechanics to optimize your gameplay


In conclusion, by following these insightful tips from Jarrod, players can enhance their Last Epoch gaming experience and delve deeper into the immersive world of this action RPG.

Remember, the more you strategize and optimize your gear, skills, and playstyle, the more exhilarating and rewarding your journey in Last Epoch will be.

Thank you for reading and happy gaming!

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