Prophecies in Last Epoch Circle of Fortune are the key to top-tier items. In Act 9, the Observatory holds the secret. Use the telescopes to customize your prophecies and focus on the rewards you want. Invest in Greater Lenses to block unwanted events. Then, target weapon and armor prophecies that align with your build and stack them up for insane rewards. It’s like a treasure hunt, but for epic gear! 🎮🔮

Understanding the Importance of Prophecies in Last Epoch

In Act Nine, players can find the Observatory, where they can use telescopes with lenses to enhance their rewards in the game. By strategically using lenses to block unwanted events, players can optimize the rewards they receive, particularly in areas like monoliths. Utilizing these telescopes effectively can lead to the acquisition of the best items in the game, including the most valuable weapons and armor.

Manipulating Telescopes for Maximum Rewards 🌟

In the Observatory, players can equip telescopes with special lenses that reduce the chances of certain events occurring. By purchasing and installing specific lenses, players can eliminate certain events, such as arena or dungeon events, and focus on maximizing rewards from desired events, like monoliths. With this strategic approach, players can significantly increase their chances of receiving high-quality items.

Telescope Lens
Telescope 1 Greater Lens of Monoliths
Telescope 2 Greater Lens of Monoliths
Telescope 3 Greater Lens of Monoliths
Telescope 4 Greater Lens of Monoliths

Strategic Use of Prophecy Rewards 🏹

In Last Epoch, one of the most crucial aspects of acquiring the best items is employing prophecy rewards. By leveraging prophecy rewards, players can obtain legendary weapons, quivers, and armor that are essential for creating powerful builds. With careful consideration and investment, players can stack prophecies to receive a wide array of unique and valuable items.

  • Prophecy: Weapon Rewards
  • Prophecy: Armor Rewards

In addition to installing the lenses, players have the opportunity to purchase prophecy rewards that can provide significant benefits to their gameplay. By selecting prophecies that align with their preferred play style and build requirements, players can enhance their chances of obtaining powerful and unique items.

Maximizing Prophecy Rewards for Your Build 🎯

Players can strategically invest in prophecies that offer specific rewards tailored to their preferred play style and build. By carefully selecting prophecies that provide rewards aligned with their build requirements, players can optimize their chances of obtaining legendary and unique items that significantly enhance their gameplay experience.

Prophecy Reward Cost Event
Unique Bows 1,500 Defeat the Guardian of the Formless Tomb
Exalted Quivers 5,000 Complete the Prodigy’s Gift
Unique Armors 10,000 Defeat the Immortal Eye

By investing favor in specific prophecy rewards and strategically stacking them, players can acquire godly loot that complements their gameplay and builds. The enhanced rewards obtained through these prophecies can significantly impact the player’s overall experience, making it a worthwhile investment.


In summary, players can significantly improve their chances of obtaining the best items in Last Epoch by strategically utilizing telescopes, lenses, and prophecy rewards. By focusing on maximizing rewards in desired events and aligning prophecy rewards with their build requirements, players can enhance their gameplay experience and acquire legendary and unique items that elevate their gameplay to new heights. It is indeed worth taking the time to carefully consider and invest in prophecy rewards to unlock the full potential of Last Epoch.

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