1. Summon more minions, watch the boss die! It’s Minion Madness, with options for different ailments. No specific gear needed. You can level up easily, shred bosses, and sustain with Rip Blood. Use the Golem as a tank, summon rats for extra damage, and teleport with skeletal Mages. Your choice: passive or active playstyle. Whether it’s cold, fire, or poison, this build’s got you covered! #MinionMadness 🧟‍♂️🔥
  • Ultimate Summon Necromancer Guide 🧟
    • The Minion Madness Build
      • Overview of the Build
        • minion variations and ailments
        • best leveling build in the game
        • requires no specific gear
        • unique Mana pool characteristics

          "Minion Madness and it can be played with numerous variants regarding ailments if you like poison The Chronic physical fire cold it’ll all work and the build could be tweaked to your preference." 🧙‍♂️

      • The Golem and Minions
        • Golem as the tank of the group
        • rat summon as an efficient additional minion
        • summoning the Wraith
        • summoning the skeletal Mage

          "It does a fair amount of AOE damage has really good survivability and you see alone it’s enough to actually take down these enemies in fact you don’t even need any of the other summons." 🔮

      • Mana and Skills
        • Mana management with rip blood
        • summoning skeletal Mage for traversal
        • summoning Wraiths as distractions
        • using rip blood strategically

          "one of the exiled Mages as an example you’ll essentially want to make sure that you’re positioning yourself in safe spots as you do this you can then work in the race and order to get more damage on the enemy but your minions are just going to melt everything in sight" 💀

      • Gear and Playstyle
        • optional mandatory gear for build
        • passive or active playstyles
        • flexibility of build according to player’s preference
        • importance of ailments in damage dealing

          "now this doesn’t need to be bleed it could be any ailment and the fact is that you have so many minions that any% Chance is going to add up rather quickly and keep those dots or ailments applied that’s going to add up to be a lot of damage over the course of a boss fight." 💥

      • Conclusion and Resources
        • link to passive skill trees
        • potential for rearranging skill points
        • update on Warlock release

        "As always thanks for taking the time to watch and have a great day." 🌟

Keep in mind that the passive trees and skill points can be rearranged for maximum efficiency with this build. Plus, if you’re interested in further details, the passive skill trees will be available through the video description in the link provided.

Key Takeaways
– Versatile Minion Madness build
– Effective Mana and skill management
– Optional gear for customization
– Passive or active playstyles as suited
– Importance of ailments in damage

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