Net is the real star of the Falconer reveal. Forget the birds, this throwing attack skill is where it’s at. With the right passives, it goes from meh to absolutely insane. It triggers puncture for bleed and can apply a stack of Shadow daggers on hit. Finally, a viable puncture build! Plus, it synergizes with smoke bomb for some serious Shadow dagger action. This is the skill we’ve been waiting for.🦅🎯

🦅 Falconer Reveal Overview

In today’s video, we’ll be delving into the recent Falconer reveal, providing insights and analysis into the new skills and capabilities. For a comprehensive view of the full reveal, we recommend checking out Z’s video or the detailed Maxr post, both of which are linked in the description. While the Falconer reveal showcased various exciting elements such as dive bombs and falconer abilities, our focus lies on the introduction of a new skill that has sparked our enthusiasm – Net.

Net: A Game-Changing Skill

One might easily overlook the significance of Net amidst the intriguing falconer features, but the simplicity and potential of this throwing attack skill have piqued our interest. The ability to immobilize enemies and reduce boss movement speed brings a new dynamic to the combat landscape. However, what truly elevates the allure of Net are the synergistic passive nodes that transform it from a mere skill to an exceptional game-changer.

Transformative Passive Nodes

The progression from an ordinary throwing attack to a formidable tool lies in the acquisition of specific passive nodes. Notably, the "Bold Throw" node eliminates the cumbersome flip-back animation, enhancing the fluidity of gameplay. Furthermore, the introduction of "Net Trap" introduces the concept of deploying traps that trigger net releases, rendering them effective tools for area control and enemy engagement.

Spear Trap: Unleashing Puncture Possibilities

A notable turning point in the skill’s potential lies in the "Spear Trap" node. By utilizing puncture in conjunction with net traps, a cascade of synergistic effects is unleashed. Not only does this pave the way for a comprehensive bleed-focused build, but it also amplifies the damage potential, making it a lethal combination.

Smoke Bomb Resurgence: Cloud Gatherer’s Impact

While the focus remains on the compelling implications of Net, an unexpected resurgence of the smoke bomb and shadow dagger combination has surfaced. The "Cloud Gatherer" node within the Falcon’s dive bomb skill extends the smoke area’s duration, rekindling the viability of the shadow dagger build.


The revelation of the Net skill within the Falconer’s arsenal has undoubtedly invigorated the potential for a diverse range of builds and playstyles. The combination of net traps, puncture, and smoke bomb interactions opens up intriguing possibilities, marking a significant shift in the strategic landscape of Last Epoch. As we await the release of this exciting addition, the anticipation continues to build among the community, with implications that extend far beyond the falconry domain.

Key Takeaways

  • Net introduces a new dimension of tactical gameplay, offering immobilization and boss control capabilities.
  • The transformative power of passive nodes elevates Net from a standard throwing attack to a game-changing skill.
  • The synergy between puncture, net traps, and smoke bomb reshapes the landscape of potential builds and strategies.

For more details and in-depth discussions on this topic, refer to the recommended content by Z and Maxr. Stay tuned for further updates and analyses as we delve deeper into the evolving world of Last Epoch.

FAQ: What other passive nodes contribute to the enhancement of Net’s capabilities?

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