This build is like a cold storm, raging and freezing everything in its path. It’s super chill, just run into monsters and watch them burn. Pushing level 100 with this druid build, but so many other builds to try. Imprisoned in Last Epoch, but it’s a good thing. Learning by doing and experiencing all the game has to offer. Can’t wait to share more unique builds with you all! 😎

Overview 🕹️

In this video, the content creator shares their experiences with different builds in the game Last Epoch. They encountered some challenges with their initial build, the Unending Storm Rampage, and decided to switch to a different build, specifically focusing on the Werebear form and using cold damage over time abilities.

Going Through Different Builds 🛠️

The content creator goes through multiple builds, starting with the Rampage Werebear, then transitioning into a lightning swipe Werebear, and finally settling on a Cold Dot Werebear build. They were drawn to this final build for its low maintenance playstyle, which they find enjoyable and satisfying.

Exploring the Cold Dot Werebear Build ❄️

The content creator breaks down the mechanics of the Cold Dot Werebear build, explaining how it utilizes abilities in the Werebear form such as Swipe, War Cry, Maelstrom, and Entangling Roots. They highlight the strength stacking aspect of the character and share their experiences and observations about its gameplay.

Gearing and Playstyle ⚔️

The content creator elaborates on the gearing aspect of the build, emphasizing that the build can function well without core uniques. They also touch on the playstyle, describing how the build engages with packs of monsters, utilizes the War Cry, and unleashes devastating shock waves and damage over time effects.

Exploring Different Playstyles 🔄

The content creator expresses their excitement about the variety of builds available in Last Epoch, discussing their exploration of other character classes and playstyles. They share their thoughts on totem builds and void knight builds, illustrating their journey of discovering and testing various gameplay options.

Embracing the Last Epoch Experience 🌟

The content creator delves into their immersive experience with Last Epoch, expressing their enthusiasm for exploring different builds, learning and evolving within the game. They convey their passion for sharing unique builds with their audience and encourage others to discover their own enjoyable playstyles.


In conclusion, the content creator reflects on their journey through Last Epoch, appreciating the diverse range of gameplay experiences available. They express their excitement about continuing to discover and share unique builds with their audience, fostering a vibrant community of players.

Key Takeaways 🎮

  • The Cold Dot Werebear build offers a low maintenance, satisfying playstyle in Last Epoch.
  • Last Epoch provides a wealth of diverse character classes and build options to explore.
  • Engaging with the community and sharing unique builds adds vibrancy to the Last Epoch experience.


What is the main focus of the Cold Dot Werebear build?

The Cold Dot Werebear build utilizes cold damage over time abilities in the Werebear form, focusing on strength stacking and triggering specific abilities.

Can the build function without core uniques?

Yes, the content creator highlights that the build can effectively operate with rare items, making it accessible for players to experiment with.

What is the content creator’s perspective on Last Epoch?

The content creator expresses their enthusiasm for the game, emphasizing the joy of discovering and sharing unique builds with other players.

Overall, the experience with Last Epoch has been a journey of exploration, discovery, and community engagement. The Cold Dot Werebear build provided an engaging and satisfying playstyle, reinforcing the richness of Last Epoch’s gameplay options. Whether it’s embracing different character classes or immortalizing unique builds, Last Epoch presents a diverse and dynamic world for players to immerse themselves in.

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