Auto bomber build for Last Epoch 1.0: Explosive, fast-paced, and tanky. Devouring Orb orbits around you, exploding on enemies’ demise. Pair with anomaly for swift map runs and Shield Rush for unbeatable speed. Embrace legendary items for added tankiness. Blast through end game with ease. Dive in for exhilarating gameplay! 💥🏃‍♂️🛡️


Hey Travelers, bardman21 here! Today, I’ve got an auto-bomber build ready for you, discussing its performance in Last Epoch 1.0. We’ll explore the key features of this build, its power, and gameplay strategies.

Key Takeaways

Build Type Key Features
Auto Bomber Devouring Orb, Void Explosions
Playstyle Speed farming, End-game viability
Unique Items Alchemist’s Ladle, Osirion

Skills Overview 🛠️


Our primary damage skill, manually casted for maximum impact. Points invested in Pillars, Atonement, and Deep Impact boost damage and critical chance.

Devouring Orb

The second most damaging skill for clearing maps. Orbs orbit around, hitting enemies with potential for significant damage. Table: Devouring Orb Skill Setup lists key skills and modifiers.

Skill Modifiers
Dark Moon Orbits around the player
Cosmic Impact Adds flat void damage
Extinction Increases collision damage
Sightless Star Enhances cast speed and efficiency

Shield Rush

A swift mobility skill to speed through maps. Enhanced with points in Path, Forward, and Descent of Void for extra damage.

Passive Skills 🌟

Sentinel Class

Invested points in Juggernaut, Fearless, Clad, and Faith for health, resistance, and damage mitigation.

Paladin Class

Points allocated to Abyssal, Temporal Corruption, and Void Bolts for added damage and leech.

Nightblade Class

Focused on Abyssal, Temporal Corruption, and World in Corruption for scaling Vitality and damage.

Gear Recommendations 🎯

  • Main Weapon: Alchemist’s Ladle for increased spell damage and negative ailment on targets.
  • Unique Items: Osirion for chill and shock chance, Siphon of Anguish for void damage and leech.

Gameplay Tips 🕹️

  1. Anomaly and Devouring Orb Setup: Bind keys for ease of use. Hold down the key for auto-casting, simplifying gameplay.
  2. Single Target Rotation: Crit with Smite, hitting for substantial damage. Devouring Orb hits between 75k-150k, depending on manual or echo cast.
  3. Modifiers and Crit Chance: Work towards 100% crit for optimal performance. Modifiers like Critical Strike Avoidance enhance survivability.

Conclusion 🌈

In conclusion, this Mad Autobomber build is an excellent choice for Last Epoch 1.0, providing a powerful and engaging playstyle. Whether you’re into speed farming or seeking end-game viability, this build has you covered. Give it a try and enjoy the explosive gameplay!

As always, stay safe on your journey through Last Epoch! 🎮

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