Last Epoch is making adjustments to the cycle grind and faction ranking system, which will have a high impact with low effort. There are no sockets on gear because it’s difficult to implement cleanly, but there may be a socket system in the future. The team is always working on optimization. More classes and subclasses are planned, but not in the next few patches. The campaign will be expanded, but not to the point where it will significantly increase the time it takes to complete. The team is replacing the Adaptive boss damage reduction system. Ward is mostly fantastic but needs improvement for extreme cases, and the team has targeted adjustments planned for 1.1.


In the Last Epoch development talk held on March 29, 2024, various aspects of the game were discussed, including the cycle grind, optimization, sockets, as well as new classes and masteries.

Key Takeaways

Aspect Discussion
Cycle Grind Adjustments to the progression through ranks and its impact
Magic Find on Gear The absence of magic find on gear and the reasons behind it
Sockets System The possibility of implementing a socket system in the future
Optimization Efforts towards improving game optimization
Void Conversion for Warlock The potential for adding void conversion for the Warlock class
Character Appearance Modification Information about future character customization
Narrative Expansion Plans for adding more narrative to the game’s story
Adaptive Damage Reduction The intention to replace the current adaptive damage reduction system
New Classes and Subclasses Discussions about the addition of new classes and subclasses
Reworking Ward Plans for making targeted adjustments to the Ward system

Cycle Grind Adjustments 🔄

In the talk, the developers emphasized the ongoing adjustments to the cycle grind progression. They are actively considering the impact and rewards associated with each rank, aiming to address the cycle grind challenges efficiently.

Effort and Impact

Adjustments Progress Ongoing efforts to tweak the way ranks progress and their rewards
Impact to Effort Ratio Emphasizing the impact and effort balance for cyclical progression

Sockets System Implementation 🛠️

Regarding the absence of sockets on any gear, the developers expressed their perspective on implementing a proper socket system in the game. The discussion touched upon the challenges and potential vision for integrating this feature.

Benefits and Challenges

Traditional Socket System The possibility of incorporating a modified socket system in the game
Crafting System Challenges faced in cleanly integrating sockets into the game

Game Optimization 🎮

Acknowledging the need for game optimization, the developers provided insights into their ongoing efforts. The optimization aspects targeted different areas, including the game engine, level design, and skills.

Ongoing Improvements

Engine Upgrade and Level Design Optimization Focus on enhancing overall game performance
Skill-Related Optimization Efforts towards improving the performance of in-game skills

Future Plans for New Class and Subclasses 🆕

While discussing future content, the developers confirmed the intention of adding new classes and subclasses. However, they emphasized that such additions would not be included in the upcoming 1.1 or 1.2 patches.

Development Focus

New Classes and Subclasses Planning Approach towards the achievable timeline for these additions
Design Considerations Insights on the complexities of integrating new classes


The development talk unveiled numerous ongoing and future considerations for Last Epoch. From cycle grind adjustments to the potential introduction of new classes, the developers provided a comprehensive overview of their plans for enhancing the game. This summary captures the key takeaways from the insightful conversation.


The Last Epoch development team’s commitment to game optimization, feature integration, and narrative expansion reflects their dedication to delivering a compelling gaming experience. Stay tuned for further updates as the game progresses through its development journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ongoing cycle grind adjustments
  • Potential implementation of a sockets system
  • Emphasis on game optimization
  • Plans for introducing new classes and subclasses
  • Future narrative expansion and Ward rework


Q: Will Void Conversion be added for the Warlock class?
A: The developers hinted at the potential for void conversion on specific items, but it’s not an immediate focus for the class.

Q: Are there plans for character appearance modification in version 1.1?
A: Character customization features are part of the long-term roadmap but won’t be available in the upcoming 1.1 patch.

Q: When can players expect the addition of new classes or subclasses?
A: While new classes and subclasses are in the works, their introduction is not expected in the immediate 1.1 or 1.2 patches.

Note: The FAQs provide additional insights into specific features and enhancements planned for Last Epoch.

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