In this Last Epoch Ice Crowstorm Beastmaster Build Guide, we unleash the power of the Crow storm ability, hitting millions in damage. With clever cooldown reduction and gear optimization, we’re wrecking bosses and clearing trash like nobody’s business. Swipe, teleport, and let the crows do the rest—easy peasy devastation. 🐦💥


Hey, Travelers! Boredman21 here, bringing you another exciting build guide – the Ice Crowstorm Beastmaster. In this guide, we’ll delve into maximizing damage with Crowstorm, an active ability for crows. Brace yourselves for a journey into the intricacies of this build, updated to leverage the power of Tempest strike.

Crowstorm Mechanics and Setup

Let’s kick things off with the essence of our build – Crowstorm. By skillfully combining swipe and teleportation, we’ve achieved a mere 1.3 seconds cooldown for Crowstorm. With the addition of Tempest strike, we now boast up to 24 stacks, each granting our crows an impressive damage boost. The gear optimization and reduction mechanics enhance our damage potential, pushing us beyond three million damage against training dummies.

Skills and Passives

Now, let’s dissect the skills and passives that make this build shine:

  • Swipe: Configured for optimal cooldown and active ability procs.
  • Summon Storm Crows: Maximized for damage output, utilizing bonuses from weapons and gear.
  • War Cry: Strategically employed to buff minions, increase crit chance, and provide invulnerability.
  • Tempest: Upgraded for swift execution, with emphasis on attack speed and reduced cost.

Crowstorm Enhancements:

  • Thundering Strike for 120% more damage.
  • Sky Passage for teleportation.
  • Expansive Pulse for increased crow area.
  • Thunderous for extra Crowstorm damage.
  • Shatter Bolt, Pincers, and Observe and Learn for melee attack buffs.

Passive Points Distribution

Our passive points are allocated with precision, focusing on critical aspects such as leech, damage, and survivability. From maximizing companion count to enhancing critical strike chances, each point contributes to the build’s success.

Notable Passives:

  • Aspect of the Lynx for enhanced critical strike chance and leech.
  • Ancestral Swiftness for increased attack speed.
  • Bor Heart and Call of the Pack for damage reduction and increased crit chance.

Gear and Unique Items

Our gear selection is crucial to unleashing the full potential of this build. Two unique items, Apology of the Frozen Light and Opal Rings, play pivotal roles. The latter provides essential attributes, ensuring a well-balanced character.

Noteworthy Gear Stats:

  • Increased melee attack speed on swords.
  • Flat spell damage for crows.
  • Minion levels for Storm Crows.
  • Critical strike avoidance and health for survivability.

How to Play the Build

Executing this build effectively involves maintaining War Cry and Frenzy Totem consistently. With Frenzy active, focus on swift and relentless attacks using swipe. Teleport when needed, combining it with the powerful Crowstorm ability. The synergy between these skills results in devastating damage output, especially against bosses.

Conclusion 🌟

In conclusion, the Ice Crowstorm Beastmaster Build is a force to be reckoned with. From strategic skill usage to meticulous gear choices, every element contributes to a powerhouse character. So, gear up, summon your crows, and conquer the Last Epoch!

Key Takeaways

  • Optimize cooldowns for Crowstorm.
  • Leverage Tempest strike for damage buffs.
  • Strategic skill usage enhances survivability.
  • Critical gear choices amplify damage potential.


Q: Are there alternative gear options for this build?
A: While our suggested gear is optimal, you can experiment with different combinations based on your playstyle.

Q: How does this build perform in endgame content?
A: With careful execution, this build excels in endgame content, boasting high damage and survivability.

Remember, mastering this build takes practice, so head into the Last Epoch and let your crows wreak havoc! 🦅💨

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