In Patch 1.0, these builds are shaking things up. We’ve got a Spark Sorcerer pushing the limits with just 1,000 health, a Paladin stacking over 20,000 Ward, a Glass Cannon Ballista wreaking havoc, and a Frostclaw Runemaster chilling with 1,000 stacks of frostbite. These builds ain’t playing nice, and the devs might need to step in before things get outta hand! 🏹🔥❄️

  • Last Epoch: A showcase of four broken builds in patch 1.0.
  • Sorcerer Spark Charge Build: Utilizes spark charges for massive damage alongside a def fractured crown for damage reduction.
  • Paladin Healing Hands Build: Focuses on healing effectiveness and attack speed to generate high amounts of ward, allowing for tanking bosses.
  • Glass Cannon Exploding Ballista Build: Sacrifices defense for screen-wide exploding balls, utilizing crit chance and avoidance mechanics.
  • Frostclaw Runemaster Build: A high survivability build with over 10,000 health and up to 1,000 stacks of frostbite.

💥 Sorcerer Spark Charge Build


This build from Big Daddy focuses on spark charges for insane damage output while utilizing the def fractured crown for significant damage reduction.

Gear Effect
Fractured Crown Provides up to 50% damage reduction based on Mana.
Drago R Dagger Chance to cast lightning blast on hit.
Strong Mind Provides mana and helps with stun avoidance.
Fragment of the Enigma Buffs the spark charge ailment.
Storm Carved Testament Relic Offers lightning damage.


  • Primary Skill: Strike – Grants Mana, increased attack speed, and ranged auto-targeting.
  • Specialized Skills: Frost Claw, Lightning Blast, Flame W, Enchant Weapon – Each contributes to damage output and survival.

🛡 Paladin Healing Hands Build


Perry the Pig’s Paladin setup focuses on healing hands and ward generation, allowing for face tanking bosses.

Gear Effect
Peak of the Mountain Provides a huge critical strike chance.
Falcon Fists Increases attack speed and melee fire damage.
Tera’s Path Offers healing effectiveness, health, and movement speed.
Shattered Chain Provides melee damage.
Siphon of Anguish Paired perfectly with the unique items.


  • Specialized Skills: Healing Hands, Ry, Holy Order, Volatile Reversal, Sides of Hope – Emphasizes healing, damage, and survivability.

💣 Glass Cannon Exploding Ballista Build


Bina QC’s build is a true glass cannon, focusing on screen-wide exploding balls, with high risk but massive damage potential.

Gear Effect
Apple J of Light Swords Provides bonuses to ballistas and cold damage.
Death Rattle Enhances ballista crit damage multiplier.
Flesh Offers critical strike avoidance.
Foot of the Mountain Reduces mana cost.
Mel’s Wet Increases ballista damage and dexterity.


  • Primary Skill: Exploding Balls – Inheriting crit chance and dealing cold damage.
  • Specialized Skills: Decoy, Dive Bomb, Smoke Bomb – Strategically used for damage and survivability.

❄️ Frostclaw Runemaster Build


Tony Ben Gaming’s frostclaw runemaster build focuses on survivability with over 10,000 health and high stacks of frostbite.

Gear Effect
Frozen IR Reduces mana cost of Frost Claw.
Frostbite Shackles Provides frostbite chance and ward retention.
Snow Drift Increases damage penetration for frostbite.
Other uniques Enhance various aspects of the build.


  • Primary Skill: Frost Claw – Auto-casts elemental nova and ice barrage, stacking frostbite.
  • Specialized Skills: Runic Invocation, Flame Rush, Ice Barrage – Enhances damage output and survivability.

In conclusion, these four builds showcase the diversity and creativity within the Last Epoch community. While they may face adjustments in future patches, their ingenuity and effectiveness remain undeniable. Which build intrigues you the most? Let us know in the comments below!


Q: Will these builds remain viable after future patches?
A: While adjustments may occur, the core concepts of these builds should still offer valuable insights for character progression.

Q: Are there alternative gear options for these builds?
A: Yes, experimentation with gear and skill combinations can lead to personalized variations of these builds for different playstyles.

Key Takeaways:

  • Last Epoch presents a variety of potent builds in patch 1.0.
  • Each build focuses on unique mechanics and playstyles.
  • Flexibility and adaptability are crucial for optimizing these builds in changing game environments.

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