New items, affixes, and uniques coming to Last Epoch 0.9.2! Exciting new boots, gloves, belts, helms, and body armor with game-changing implicits. 12 new weapon affixes and class-specific affixes for Warlocks, Falconers, and Primalists. And don’t forget the new uniques, like the Communion of the Erase and the Falcon Fist! Patch notes for 1.0 coming soon. Stay safe, and see you next time! 🔥💪🏽

New Items and Affixes for Boot Bases 👢

As the highly anticipated 1.0 launch nears, Last Epoch introduces two new boot item types: Vanguard boots and another pair with implicit changes. These boots offer exciting new features including reduced damage taken from critical strikes, increasing your chance of survival. Moreover, Vanguard boots provide a significant increase in the effect of haste, amplifying your movement speed by up to 50%. These enhancements are set to revolutionize the way players approach their build planning.

New Glove Bases and Implicits 🧤

Last Epoch introduces two new glove bases: athetic gloves and Arcane bracers. The athletic gloves offer a valuable 12% cooldown reduction for your skills, while the Arcane bracers are designed for increased Mana regen, providing adept support for players who rely on Mana-dependent abilities.

New Belt Bases with Exciting Implicits 🕯️

Dive into a new era of belt bases with the introduction of Divine girdle, pretorian belt, and chain belt. These new belt bases bring forth enhanced implicits, with Divine girdle offering increased move speed, pretorian belt delivering a substantial armor boost, and chain belt providing a threshold for ward decay — expanding the variety of affixes and implicits available to players.

Fresh Helm Bases with Compelling Implicits ✨

Experience the impact of new Helms in Last Epoch, featuring new armor sets that introduce enticing implicits. The mag’s new Tyrant Crown offers damage leeches Health, catering to end-game unique seekers. Additionally, players can explore the potential of the blood visual, which augments damage over time and bleed duration, and the necropolis helm, which enhances ward decay threshold and ward gain on kill.

Unique Body Armor Bases with Enhanced Implicits 💪

Get ready to embrace the power of three new unique body armor bases: apocalypse plate, Beast maale, and coven robes. Each design offers exclusive implications, such as stun avoidance, additional armor, move speed, flat health regen, and cast speed.

Impactful Weapon Affixes and Class-Specific Affixes 🗡️

Last Epoch introduces 12 new general weapon affixes and additional class-specific affixes to diversify gameplay experience. Notable additions include a focus on minion viability, offering significant improvements for minion builds, enhanced scaling for Minion damage, and the introduction of relevant class-specific affixes.

New Uniques Ushering in Exciting Builds 🛡️

Discover exciting new unique items like the sigon reprisal shield, communion of the erase belt, Falcon fist, spine of malatos sword, and vial of volatile ice, each offering distinct advantages for crafting unique character builds.

Conclusion 🎉

As the 1.0 launch approaches, the unveiling of new uniques, items, and affixes in Last Epoch promises an invigorating experience for players. Stay tuned for the release of the full patch notes tomorrow to delve even deeper into the game’s exciting developments. Let us know in the comments which addition has caught your attention the most!

Key Takeaways

  • Last Epoch introduces new unique items, item bases, and affixes as part of the 0.9.2 update.
  • Players can expect enhanced implicits for various equipment, providing exciting new opportunities for build customization.
  • The game’s 1.0 launch is highly anticipated, promising significant gameplay enhancements and fresh experiences for all players.

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