The lightning proc on hit SpellBlade build underwent a massive overhaul, resulting in improved damage, survivability, and smoother gameplay. By focusing on spell damage and Flame Ward for tankiness, the build now boasts better single-target damage and faster clears. Key changes include replacing Surge and Static with Flame Ward, utilizing Firebrand for melee buffs converted to spell damage, and optimizing Mana Strike for resource management. The new build excels in both damage output and defense, making it a top choice for Monolith runs and boss fights. 💥🔥


Welcome back to a significant update on the lightning proc on hit guide! Today, we’ll delve into the improvements made to the build, showcasing gameplay and explaining the changes in detail. If you’ve been following along, you’ll notice a substantial enhancement in performance, making the build smoother, more powerful, and overall better.

Key Takeaways 📝

  • Improved gameplay experience with increased damage, survivability, and clear speed.
  • Focus on spell damage optimization for enhanced performance.
  • Strategic skill adjustments for better resource management and effectiveness.
  • Introduction of new skills and talent tree modifications for synergy and power boost.
  • Utilization of unique items for utility and crowd control enhancement.

Gameplay Demonstration 💻

Let’s kick things off with a gameplay demonstration to illustrate the build’s newfound strength and efficiency. Through a monolith run, we’ll showcase how the adjustments have positively impacted the overall gameplay experience.

Monolith Run Highlights
Smoother gameplay
Increased survivability
Faster clear speed
Enhanced single target damage

Skill and Talent Adjustments 🛠️

Mana Strike Enhancement

The Mana Strike skill underwent significant modifications to align with our spell-focused approach. By introducing Mana Storm, we’ve unlocked additional spellcasting capabilities without compromising on mana management.

Mana Strike Adjustments
Introduction of Mana Storm
Improved spellcasting efficiency
Enhanced damage potential

Flame Ward Reinforcement

To bolster survivability, Flame Ward now plays a crucial role in our build. Investing points in Flame Ward significantly boosts our defenses, ensuring smoother progression through challenging content.

Flame Ward Enhancements
Increased survivability
Reliable defense mechanism
Essential for endgame content

Firebrand Integration 🔥

Unique Skill Introduction

Firebrand emerges as a game-changer in our build, providing both offensive and defensive benefits. By converting melee fire damage into spell damage, Firebrand amplifies our spellcasting prowess while offering substantial survivability bonuses.

Firebrand Benefits
Spell damage amplification
Critical hit multiplier increase
Enhanced survivability

Synergistic Gameplay

The synergy between Mana Strike and Firebrand unlocks a dynamic gameplay strategy. By strategically managing stacks and resources, we maintain consistent damage output while bolstering our defenses.

Resource Management Tips 💡

Stack Maintenance

To optimize performance, it’s crucial to maintain Firebrand stacks at all times. By synchronizing Mana Strike usage with Firebrand stacks, we ensure maximum efficiency and damage potential.

Resource Management Tips
Prioritize stack maintenance
Strategic resource utilization
Maximize damage output

Equipment Recommendations 🛡️

Unique Item Utilization

Selecting appropriate gear enhances our build’s effectiveness. Items like the Frost Clow Ring augment damage and crowd control capabilities, significantly improving our overall performance.

Recommended Gear
Frost Clow Ring
Legendary potential items
Crowd control bonuses


In conclusion, the SpellBlade Lightning Proc on Hit build has undergone substantial improvements, resulting in a more potent and versatile playstyle. By optimizing skills, talents, and equipment choices, we’ve achieved a balanced blend of offense and defense, making it an ideal choice for tackling endgame content.


Q: Can this build handle high-level monoliths effectively?
A: Yes, the build’s improved survivability and damage output make it well-suited for tackling challenging content, including high-level monoliths.

Q: Are there any specific item requirements for this build?
A: While certain unique items are recommended for optimal performance, the build remains flexible enough to accommodate various gear choices based on player preference.

Q: How does this build compare to previous iterations in terms of single target damage?
A: The updated build excels in both single target damage and clear speed, offering a significant improvement over previous iterations.

Final Thoughts 💭

Before implementing these extensive changes, I explored alternative upgrades to the Surge and Static build. However, the SpellBlade Lightning Proc on Hit build surpasses its predecessor in terms of versatility, consistency, and overall performance. I encourage you to try out the new build and share your feedback with the community. Until next time, happy gaming! 🎮

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