Crafting is the name of the game in Last Epoch, so don’t be afraid to fumble around. Skip the Gambler and hoard those Runes of Ascendants for some jaw-dropping uniques. Utilize a loot filter to get rid of the clutter and fast travel with a simple click. Oh, and don’t forget to slay lagon with ease! 😉🎮 #LastEpochTips

🎮 Introduction

In this boot camp series video, we’re going to provide new players with an essential guide to 10 things they should know as they enter the world of Last Epoch. These tips will help make the journey into the world of action RPG smooth sailing and enjoyable from the start.

Key Takeaways:

Tips Description
1. Purchase Runes of Shattering to break down items for crafting materials
2. Avoid the Gambler to save your gold
3. Do not hoard your Runes of Ascendants for unique item crafting
4. Understand your scaling tags for skill damage improvement
5. Skip Lagon if you find the fight difficult
6. Utilize a loot filter to manage items efficiently
7. Pay attention to side quests for valuable rewards
8. Dungeon rewards vary daily, check Last Epoch Tools for updates
9. Utilize fast travel for easy location jumping
10. Craft early and craft often to improve gear efficiently

💰 Purchase Runes of Shattering

When moving through different towns in Last Epoch, make sure to visit the vendors and purchase Runes of Shattering. These runes allow you to break down items and collect shards for later crafting. Always have gold on hand to purchase these runes.

🎲 Avoid the Gambler

The Gambler, introduced early in the game, may seem tempting but it’s advisable to save your gold for other uses. Skip the risky gambling and keep your resources for the Merchants Guild and other important purchases.

🔮 Do Not Hoard Your Runes of Ascendants

Do not hold back on using your Runes of Ascendants for unique crafting. These runes can turn any item into a unique item, regardless of its base, rarity, or affixes. Use them freely and enjoy the thrill of unique item creation.

⚡️ Understand Your Scaling Tags

Understanding the scaling tags of your skills plays a vital role in boosting damage and skills. Pay attention to lightning, spell, and intelligence scaling tags and ensure your gear supports these aspects to maximize skill damage.

⚔️ Skip Lagon

If you find the Lagon fight challenging or frustrating, you can skip it entirely by utilizing a temporal sanctum key to jump through the dungeon and proceed to the last act in the game. It’s an effective way to avoid a difficult encounter.

Dungeons Rewards
Temporal Sanctum Exalted amulets, exalted jewelry, lightless arbor set item
Last Deo Tools Additional pairs of boots, axes, belts

🗑️ Utilize a Loot Filter

New players should not be afraid to create their own loot filter or import one from a creator. Using a loot filter helps in managing and organizing items effectively. Start with basic filtering and gradually advance as you become more familiar with the game.

🌟 Side Quests

Each side quest in Last Epoch offers different rewards. Pay attention to the rewards offered by side quests and prioritize those that offer passive points and idle slots for maximum character progression.

🕒 Dungeon Rewards

Dungeon rewards vary daily, providing different modifiers and items on different days. Keep an eye on Last Deo Tools for daily updates on dungeon rewards and plan your farming accordingly.

🌐 Fast Travel

Last Epoch allows players to fast travel without the need for waypoints. Simply use the map to jump to different locations effortlessly, enhancing the overall game experience and reducing unnecessary travel time.

🔨 Craft Early and Craft Often

Embrace the crafting system early on and don’t be afraid to experiment and craft frequently. Crafting in Last Epoch is simple and enjoyable, offering the opportunity to add beneficial modifiers to your gear.

With these 10 essential tips, new players can dive into the world of Last Epoch confidently and with a strong understanding of key game mechanics. Don’t hesitate to seek further guidance and enjoy your journey in the world of Eterra!

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