"Organizing your stash is like keeping a chaotic room tidy. Use tricks like setting your stash to open on the tab you want, quick view for better visibility, and search to find items fast. Group similar items together for easy comparison and build out your stash tabs as you need them. Consistent color coding helps to visually identify different types of items. Dump tabs with search functionality save time sorting gear. And don’t forget to discard lower level uniques as you accumulate higher ones. Keeping your stash organized is the key to staying ahead in the game! 🗝️"

Keeping Your Stash Organized and Clean: An Overview 🧹

In this article, we’ll discuss valuable tips and tricks for keeping your stash organized in Last Epoch 1.0. With a plethora of items and stash tabs, it’s important to have a system in place to ensure efficiency and ease of access.

Opening Stash Tabs Efficiently 📦

One of the most useful tricks is to ensure that your stash opens to the tab you were previously on. This can be achieved by moving the tab or hitting the sort button. This eliminates the need to scroll through all your tabs every time you open your stash, saving time and effort.

Quick View and Search Functionality 🖥️

Utilizing the quick view feature provides better visibility and quick access to your stash tabs. The search function is also invaluable for finding specific items in a sea of stash tabs, allowing for swift organization.

Grouping Items and Building Tabs Strategically 🗂️

Grouping similar items together, such as organizing one-handed melee weapons in a specific tab, allows for quick comparison and easier accessibility. When building out your stash, it’s beneficial to start with general categories and expand as needed, rather than buying all tabs upfront.

Organizing Tabs with Consistent Coding 🌈

Consistently coding items by color, such as using specific colors for certain types of items, aids in quickly identifying and organizing items based on their category or function.

Utilizing Dump Tabs for Efficient Sorting 🗑️

Dump tabs combined with the search function streamline the process of sorting multiple items across various tabs. This method saves time and effort, especially when dealing with a large number of items.

Separating Unique Items by LP for Searchability 🔍

Separating unique items by their LP (Legendary Power) allows for quick visual identification and accessibility, reducing the time spent manually searching through unorganized tabs.

Conclusion 🌍

Implementing these stash organization tips can greatly enhance your gameplay experience in Last Epoch 1.0. From efficient tab navigation to strategic item grouping, these methods provide a streamlined approach to stash management.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use consistent color coding for item categories
  • Utilize quick view and search functionality for enhanced visibility
  • Group similar items together to facilitate quick comparison
  • Implement dump tabs and LP separation for efficient sorting and searchability


Q: How can I efficiently organize my stash with a large number of items and tabs?
A: Using consistent coding, grouping items, and utilizing dump tabs can significantly streamline the organization process.

Q: What are the benefits of separating unique items by LP for searchability?
A: Separating unique items by their LP allows for quick visual identification and accessibility, saving time when searching for specific items.

Thank you for reading, and happy organizing! 🚀

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