Deck out your Beastmaster with the Last Epoch CrowStorm Strength Stacker Build Guide! Stack up the strength, flex those crows, and unleash primalist action like never before. With Gladiator of Lagon buffs, swipe skills, and crit-stacking crows, you’ll be bossing it! Get ready to take on big bads and annihilate them with this beastly build. Let’s go! 🐺🔥

Introduction 🌪️

In this guide, I will showcase my Stormcrow Beast Master build, which is focused on primalist action and character strength. This build is centered around stacking strength and utilizing various skills to maximize the damage output of the character.

Strength Stacker Playstyle 💪

The character is based on Gladiator of Lagon, a buff that provides a significant boost to the character’s damage output. By stacking strength, we not only increase our overall damage but also enhance our survivability through life leech and armor.

Building the Character 🛠️

To achieve the desired playstyle, we focus on specific items that provide strength and intelligence to maximize the bonuses from Gladiator of Lagon. This allows us to reach high levels of strength and intelligence, resulting in increased damage and survivability.

Item Bonus
Caver Cever Provides equal amounts of strength and intelligence, maximizing both attributes
Armor and Shoes Equipped with life leech properties and strength bonuses

Skills and Abilities 🎯

We utilize the "Swipe" skill to trigger "Aspect of Lunch" and maximize our damage output. Additionally, we incorporate "Killold" to enhance our attack speed and area damage, ensuring that our enemies are swiftly dealt with.

The Magic Behind the Build ✨

The "Gladiator of Lagon" buff plays a significant role in generating critical hits, allowing us to unleash devastating damage to our enemies. By strategically stacking this buff through quick attacks, we can achieve a substantial increase in our overall damage output.

Buff Effect
Gladiator of Lagon Provides flat spell damage and increases critical hit chance

Equipping the Character 🏹

We carefully select items that complement the build’s requirements, focusing on increasing minion damage, life leech, and strength to further enhance our performance in battles.

Item Property
Amulet Provides bonus minion damage, minion life, and increased cold damage
Weapons Prioritize strength and attack speed, ensuring maximum damage output
Armor Look for items with life leech and strength bonuses for enhanced survivability

Building the Skill Tree 🌳

We allocate skill points strategically to maximize our minion’s damage output, critical hit chance, and attack speed, ensuring that we have a well-rounded set of abilities to tackle various challenges.

Conclusion 🏆

The "CrowStorm Strength Stacker Beastmaster" build is a powerful and versatile option for players looking to dominate bosses and tackle challenging content with ease. By utilizing a carefully crafted combination of skills, items, and attributes, this build offers a unique and engaging playstyle that delivers satisfying results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prioritize strength stacking and intelligent item selection to maximize damage output.
  • Utilize critical hit buff effects to unleash devastating damage on enemies.
  • Carefully allocate skill points to enhance minion performance and overall survivability.

FAQs ❓

Q: How does this build perform against high-level bosses?
A: The build excels in boss encounters, showcasing impressive damage output and survivability on corruption levels 8 and above.

Q: Are there specific item requirements for this build?
A: Focusing on strength, intelligence, and minion-related bonuses in item selection is crucial for optimal performance.

In conclusion, the "CrowStorm Strength Stacker Beastmaster" build offers an exhilarating gameplay experience, combining strength stacking, skillful item selection, and strategic skill allocation to become a formidable force in Last Epoch. With its ability to dominate bosses and handle high-level content, this build is a must-try for players seeking a thrilling and rewarding gameplay experience.

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