• Five most broken Last Epoch 1.0 builds revealed!
  • Marksman, Warlock, Falconer, Paladin, and R Master highlighted.
  • Marksman: lightning-fast movement, high damage output, but lacks tankiness.
  • Warlock: durable and high over time damage, safe option for any content.
  • Falconer: high damage glass cannon, flashy skills but lacks tankiness.
  • Paladin and R Master: powerful co-op play, provide support and buffs for the team.
  • Detailed guides, demonstrations, and tips provided for each class.
  • Join the community for more information and updates on top builds.🔥🎮

Introduction 🎮

In this guide, we’ll be exploring the top 5 builds for the 1.0 season patch. These include Marksman, Warlock, Falconer, Paladin, and R Master. I’ll provide detailed information on the strengths, weaknesses, and boss-farming capabilities of each class.

Marksman 🏹

The Marksman build offers incredible mobility, reaching 190 movement speed and excelling in clearing out different content. It ranks 10 out of 10 in terms of leveling speed, making it a top choice for fast progression through the game.

Marksman Build
Extremely mobile
Insane AOE damage
Fast leveling pace

Warlock 🔮

Warlock is known for its high durability, achieving over 1 million over time with 800 corruption. The class is one of the safest for handling corruptions and various game content, with the potential to easily push to 1,000 corruption.

  • Extremely durable
  • High potential for pushing to 1,000 corruption
  • Detailed guide for endgame gear and farming strategies

Falconer 🦅

Falconer is a fast and mobile build, excelling in ice damage across maps. It can easily handle 1,000 corruption but sacrifices some tankiness for its high damage output.

"This build is a glass cannon that deals high damage but requires resistance management for survival."

Falconer Rankings

  • Enjoyable playability
  • Smooth progression through levels
  • Fun and unique mechanics

Paladin & R Master 🗡️

The Paladin and R Master combination offers strong co-op gameplay, showcasing effective teamwork in handling high-level corruptions. Both classes have their unique strengths, making them a top-tier co-op play choice.

Paladin & R Master Co-op
Unique co-op synergy
Buffs, barriers, and support
Powerful co-op dynamics


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored the top 5 most broken builds in Last Epoch 1.0. From Marksman’s incredible mobility to Warlock’s durability and Falconer’s damage output, each build offers a unique playstyle and potential for progression.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marksman for speed and mobility
  • Warlock for durability and safety
  • Falconer for high damage output
  • Paladin & R Master for top-tier co-op play


1. Can the Marksman build handle high-level corruptions like Warlock and Falconer?
Yes, with its high mobility and AOE damage, the Marksman build is capable of handling high-level corruptions effectively.

2. Are the Paladin and R Master builds beginner-friendly?
Both the Paladin and R Master builds are beginner-friendly, especially when looking to engage in co-op play with friends.

3. What makes Falconer unique compared to other builds?
Falconer’s unique mechanics and high damage output set it apart, offering an enjoyable and fast-paced gameplay experience.

Further Resources

For additional guides, tips, and strategies on Last Epoch builds and gameplay, be sure to check out the official Discord channel. There’s a wealth of information and resources for players of all levels. Happy gaming!

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