Circle of Fortune in Last Epoch needs a serious tune-up. While it aims to rival trading, the gap between it and Merchant skills is vast. Prophecy boosts don’t match market access, leaving COF players in the dust. To level the field, tie gold and rewards directly to experience, ensuring fair play for all. Let’s balance the scales! 🔄💰

Introduction 🎮

Hey folks! Over the last few weeks, the Last Epoch community has shown immense interest in my Circle of Fortune (CoF) content. In this discussion, we’ll delve into the intricacies of CoF, focusing on its balance and the disparities relative to Merchant skilled players.

Balancing Act: CoF’s Purpose and Merchant Guild Comparison 📈

CoF is a brilliant solution to the ARPG problem of engaging in trade. It offers an alternative for players who don’t want to trade but face challenges in acquiring items. However, concerns arise about the significant disparity between CoF and Merchant skilled players.

Item Acquisition: CoF vs. Merchant Guild

Let’s highle compare item acquisition for both. As a Merchant Guild player, participating in the market provides a diverse supply. In contrast, CoF players rely on increased drop quality and quantity. The gap between them raises questions about the effectiveness of CoF in item acquisition.

"Balancing CoF requires addressing the disparity in item acquisition methods."

Drop Rates Dilemma: The 1% Challenge 📉

Consider a hypothetical piece of gear with a 1% drop chance. CoF players can boost this to 10%, a substantial improvement. However, with numerous potential 1% drops in the game, Merchant players trading on the market have a cumulative advantage. Prophecies, in their current state, might not provide a meaningful advantage over Merchant players.

"In the intricate world of drop rates, CoF faces challenges in offering a competitive edge."

Gold Woes and Market Dynamics 💰

Another concern voiced by CoF players is their lack of gold compared to Merchant counterparts. While buying and selling items doesn’t add new gold to circulation, recent exploits have disrupted this balance. A proposal to decouple gold from the market system and introduce a merchant-specific currency aims to create equality among players.

"Striking the right balance: Decoupling gold to ensure fair play and prevent unintended advantages."

Prophecy System Tweaks 🔄

As we navigate the CoF landscape, some minor improvements to the prophecy system could enhance the player experience:

  • Dungeon or Arena condition prophecies should be tier X or higher.
  • Addressing the disparities in rolling difficulty for different prophecies.
  • Qualitative improvements for quality of life, like refined Ping sounds and streamlined prophecy selection.

"Fine-tuning the prophecy system for a smoother CoF experience."

Conclusion: A Call for Balance ⚖️

In conclusion, addressing the disparities between CoF and Merchant Guild is crucial for Last Epoch’s overall balance. From item acquisition to gold dynamics and prophecy system tweaks, a holistic approach can make CoF a more competitive and satisfying alternative.

Key Takeaways 🚀

  • Balancing CoF requires a nuanced approach to item acquisition and drop rates.
  • Decoupling gold from the market system ensures fair play and prevents unintended advantages.
  • Prophecy system tweaks can enhance the overall CoF experience.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section! Your insights contribute to the ongoing conversation about Last Epoch’s gameplay dynamics. Let’s keep the discussion alive!

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