The Void Knight Erasing Strike Build is off the charts! It’s like playing with time and space, freezing enemies in their tracks and buffing up your allies with insane critical hit chance. The main DPS combo of Void Cleave and Erasing Strike is just 🔥. And don’t get me started on the Abyssal Echoes and Time Bubble skills – they’re game-changers. This build is a beast, clearing level 100 content with ease. It’s all about maximizing DPS and survivability, and let me tell you, it’s absolutely crushing it. Peace and love, y’all! 🚀🔥

Introduction to the Void Knight Class

The Void Knight class is known for its high DPS and incredible survivability, making it one of the standout classes in the game. It shares similarities with the popular Slayer class, offering fast-paced gameplay and a wide range of abilities. With the ability to freeze enemies in their tracks and provide buffs to allies, the Void Knight is a versatile and powerful class.

Key Takeaways

  • Void Knight offers high DPS and survivability
  • Reminiscent of the fast-paced Slayer class
  • Can freeze enemies and grant buffs to allies

The Crit Strike Build

The crit strike build is one of the best variations of the Void Knight build, offering increased critical hit chance and enhanced damage output. The main skill, Erasing Strike, is the cornerstone of this build, providing significant DPS and the ability to create echoes for additional damage.

Key Takeaways

  • Crit strike build focuses on increased critical hit chance
  • Erasing Strike is the main skill, providing substantial DPS
  • Echoes add additional damage to the build

Void Cleave and Anomaly Rotation 🌀

The Void Cleave and Anomaly rotation is the primary DPS combo for the crit strike build. Void Cleave allows for repositioning and increases critical strike damage, while Anomaly freezes enemies in place, providing a window for uninterrupted damage output.

Ability Description
Void Cleave Offers repositioning and increased crit damage
Anomaly Freezes enemies, enabling uninterrupted damage

Time Bubble and Abyssal Echoes 🌪️

The use of Time Bubble and Abyssal Echoes enhances the critical capabilities of the Void Knight. Time Bubble provides a boost in critical strike chance and attack speed, while Abyssal Echoes offers additional armor and damage output.

Key Takeaways

  • Time Bubble enhances critical strike chance and attack speed
  • Abyssal Echoes provide armor and increased damage output

Optimizing Gear and Relics 🛡️

Optimizing gear and relics plays a crucial role in maximizing the effectiveness of the Void Knight build. Empowered gear and relics such as the Relic Off Hand and Apathy’s M can significantly enhance stats, providing increased critical strike chance, movement speed, and vitality.


The Void Knight crit strike build offers a dynamic and potent playstyle, with a focus on critical hit chance and substantial DPS. By utilizing the right skills, rotations, and gear optimizations, players can unleash the full potential of the Void Knight class.


  • Q: What makes the crit strike build stand out?
    • A: The focus on critical hit chance and the use of powerful skills such as Void Cleave and Anomaly make it a standout build.
  • Q: How important are relics in optimizing the build?
    • A: Relics such as the Relic Off Hand and Apathy’s M play a crucial role in enhancing stats, providing increased critical strike chance and other beneficial attributes.

In conclusion, the Void Knight crit strike build offers a compelling and versatile gameplay experience, with a strong emphasis on critical hit chance and powerful skill rotations. It stands as a testament to the class’s potential for both high DPS and survivability. Thank you for watching, and may your adventures with the Void Knight be filled with peace and love.

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