Pushing to 1.5k corruption as a Falconer was a wild ride! 🦅 Despite gear min-maxing, the thrill of the chase kept me hooked. Dots were deadlier than hits, ailments a constant worry. Orbus? Poison was a nightmare! Gear tweaks helped, but impending nerfs loom. Adapt or get left behind, folks! 😎

🦅 Pushing to 1.5K Corruption as Falconer: A Journey of Challenges and Triumphs


  • Overview of the Falconer build and the journey to pushing corruption levels.
  • Mention of impending nerfs and strategies for mitigation.

Challenges in Pushing Corruption

  1. The Perils of Damage Over Time

    • Discussion on the potency of DOTs and their impact on gameplay.
    • Importance of cleansing ailments for survival.
  2. Facing Increasing Difficulty

    • Analysis of scaling difficulty with higher corruption levels.
    • Strategies for coping with elevated challenges.

Optimizing Gear for Success

  • Examination of gear setup and optimization strategies.
  • Detailed breakdown of gear choices and their impact on performance.

Key Gear Considerations

  1. Ring Selection

    • Importance of red rings for damage reduction and attribute bonuses.
    • Strategy for maximizing effectiveness through attribute allocation.
  2. Chestplate and Boots

    • Evaluation of ideal affixes and potential upgrades.
    • Balancing defensive and offensive stats for optimal performance.
  3. Helmet and Belt Optimization

    • Discussion on attribute requirements and crafting choices.
    • Impact of affix selection on overall build effectiveness.
  4. Utilizing Unconventional Choices

    • Exploration of alternative gear options for specific build needs.
    • Rationale behind selecting non-traditional items for certain slots.

Strategies for Handling Orbus Encounters

  • Discussion on the challenges posed by Orbus encounters in high corruption levels.
  • Tips for efficiently navigating Orbus encounters to minimize downtime.

Preparing for Future Nerfs

  • Insight into upcoming changes and their potential impact on Falconer builds.
  • Strategies for adapting to future nerfs and maintaining viability in high corruption content.


  • Recap of the Falconer build journey and its highlights.
  • Invitation for questions and community engagement.


The journey of pushing corruption levels as a Falconer in Shadow Dagger Falconer Update is both thrilling and challenging. From mastering gameplay mechanics to optimizing gear choices, every step is crucial for success. As impending nerfs loom on the horizon, it’s essential to stay adaptable and prepared for the evolving landscape of the game. Whether it’s facing off against Orbus encounters or fine-tuning gear selections, the Falconer build offers a dynamic and engaging experience for ARPG enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more insights and updates, and remember, the adventure never ends in the world of corruption pushing.

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