"Insanely cheap, 1700+ health regen, and an 8k ward vessel – ignite warlock is the way to go. We’re talking about an absurd amount of HP regen here, we’re talking 1,700. And the ward, oh boy, it’s through the roof at 8,000. All this for a steal, way below market value. It’s all about that vessel of strife and the insane synergy it brings. Ignite, spread, and watch those enemies crumble. This build is a game-changer, no bugs, no exploits, just pure power. Subscribe for more and get ready to dominate!" 🎮🔥

Building the Ignite Warlock 🔥

In today’s topic, we are going to ignite the warlock through a series of past builds. I have tried many, but some were simply put, bad. The English warlock was immensely bugged and caused a lot of pain every single time I tried it. Even the build itself was mediocre. But after some trials and a large amount of currency spent, I finally found success. Let’s dive into the details.

🔥 The Benefits of Vessel of Strife

Thankfully, many people don’t utilize Vessel of Strife, even though it’s one of the stronger items in Last Epoch currently. The health regen and ward benefits are impressive, making it an essential part of the build.

Benefit Details
HP Regen Up to 1700 per second
Ward Regen 8k per second
Marketplace Deals Opportunities to obtain rare items

💰 Building on a Budget

The most surprising part of this build is how inexpensive it was to put together. With some strategic investments and smart choices, this build can be affordable.

🛡️ Harnessing the Power of Vessel of Strife

The synergy created by Vessel of Strife in this build provides substantial defense advantages, making it a valuable asset in battles.

⚔️ Utilizing the Full Potential of Damage

The whole concept of the build is centered around Hungering Souls, a powerful skill that deals significant damage. By strategically applying it, the ignite spread can cause enemies to take up to 10K ticks of damage.

🛡️ Creating a Balanced Defense

Incorporating an effective defense strategy is key to success in Last Epoch. With the right gear and skill allocation, this build allows for a balanced defense against various enemies.

🎯 Mastering the Flame

The combination of skills, passives, and gear creates a build that excels in generating and spreading powerful flames. By mastering this aspect, the build can achieve remarkable results.


In conclusion, the Ignite Warlock build in Last Epoch is a testament to the power of strategic alignment of skills, gear, and understanding the game mechanics. With a friendly, professional tone and a thorough breakdown of the build components, players can gain valuable insights into optimizing their own builds. The affordable and accessible nature of this build makes it a desirable option for players looking to excel in Last Epoch.

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