"Unlock your true potential as the beastmaster. The Barbarian feels very Necromancer. But the Fiery changes are coming. It’s time to shatter the chains of Fate and embrace the future at any cost. The Temper is closed, trust is essential, and the lost treasure awaits. The power of the stars can guide you to your destiny. Attack speed is the name of the game for melee builds. Strike while the iron’s hot, and seize the treasures of the deep. It’s time to break the cycle and live to fight another day. Farewell, traveler – embrace the new dawn."

Introduction 🎮

Kripp is excited about a new build and shares his thoughts on a character’s strength. The playthrough is focused on strength and the build’s potential to work well in the game. Never underestimate the power of strength!

The character has ambitions to use a specific tactic to stage ambushes and play caravans. However, there is frustration seeing the destruction of other people. The plan is to clear the tombs which allegedly hold immense wealth. The Beastmaster feels that a change is necessary and freedom from the chains of fate is imperative.

Journey to Untold Wealth 💰

Key Takeaways

Strengths Potential Weaknesses
Ambush Tactics Distruction of People
Wealth Potential Chains of Fate
Clarity in Goals Changed Priorities
Opportunity for Growth Freedom at All Costs

The Necromancer feels like a Barbarian and doubts if trust should be placed. The journey isn’t without obstacles, and the decision-making weighs heavily for the Beastmaster and companions. It’s all about strategy and trust in times like these. 🦉

Next comes the mine and rogue health check. The character seems to explore the possibility of detours. An interesting conversation is caught on the roadmap, focusing on strength and particular combat moves. It almost feels like a head-scratcher but is actually intriguing once unwrapped.

Becoming the Wraith Lord 🗡️

Key Takeaways

  • 🔑 Focused Ambush Tactics
  • 📈 Role of Power and Strength
  • 🏛️ Plan to Clear Untold Wealth Tombs

The character’s journey seems to be a mixed bag of emotions, analyzing builds, and testing hit strengths and combat moves. The struggle between strength and the right weapons seems challenging yet exciting. Every hit counts in mastering and perfecting this playthrough 💥


This playthrough of Last Epoch showcases the insightful scrutiny and rigorous testing of strength and strategies. The might of combat planning and tactical gameplay shines through. Kripp’s Beastmaster character embarks on a journey that is both thrilling and challenging. The pursuit of strength and freedom is a testament to the most engaging gaming experiences out there. 🎮

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