🔥 Unleash hell with the ultimate Wraith Lord Necromancer build! Dominate with millions of damage and unstoppable minions. Learn from the pros and customize your build for over 1000 corruption. Survive, thrive, and conquer the endgame like a boss! 💀 #NecromancerSupremacy

🔥 Introduction
Today, we delve into the realm of Necromancers and their formidable builds, specifically focusing on the awe-inspiring SSS-Tier Wraith Lord. Ras QT’s live demonstration showcased the potential of this build, dealing over 8 million damage in hardcore mode with 300-200 corruption. In this guide, we’ll explore a variation pushing beyond 500-1000 corruption, offering increased survivability and devastating minion power.

📖 Learning from the Masters: Ras QT and RXS

In crafting our Necromancer build, we draw inspiration from Ras QT’s original creation, enhancing it with a twist. RXS contributes to the mix, providing valuable insights into skills, rotations, idols, blessings, and gear selections.

🚀 Key Takeaways Table

Aspect Details
Build Focus SSS-Tier Wraith Lord Necromancer
Corruption Range 500-1000
Survivability 4000+ HP, Barrier, Resistance
Minion Enhancement High Minion Damage, Minion Health
Unique Items Wraith Lord Helmet, Amulet, Chest, Boots
Loot Farming Priority Ruins of Ascension, Specific Timelines

🔍 Exploring the Wraith Lord Gear

Wraith Lord Helmet 🪖

The centerpiece of the build, summoning a powerful Ras Lord. Farming priority is crucial, and using Ruins of Ascension for this item is highly recommended. Legendary potential can significantly boost its effectiveness.

Amulet, Chest, and Boots 🏰👟

These pieces contribute to minion damage, survivability, and warding potential. Balancing resistance, health, and damage is key. Experimental effects on the belt and gloves enhance minion damage and health.

Ring, Gloves, and Relic 💍🧤🗝️

Prioritize minion-based stats, criticals, and intelligence. Experimental effects converting health into warding and providing more minion damage offer a substantial boost.

🔄 Skill Rotations and Passive Build

Summoning Wraith, zombies, infernal shade, and skeleton mages are the core skills. Utilizing buffs like Dread Shed and Infernal Shade, the build achieves a 90% critical multiplier, ensuring massive damage. Skill rotations involve constant summoning and micro-management.

Note: Minion control becomes essential for survival in higher corruption levels.

📜 Farming for Success

Understanding item farming is crucial for the Wraith Lord build. The helmet takes priority, followed by boots due to their common drop from bosses. Chest farming, while slightly rarer, is worthwhile. Utilizing Ruins of Ascension and specific timelines enhances your chances.

🎯 Loot Filters and Preparation

Custom loot filters focusing on Wraith Lord gear are essential. Tailor your filters to prioritize items crucial for your build, ensuring an efficient farming experience.

🤔 FAQs

  • Q: Why focus on specific timelines?

    • A: Timelines offer unique drops crucial for the build. Prioritize based on your needs and use Ruins of Ascension strategically.
  • Q: How important are experimental effects?

    • A: Experimental effects significantly enhance gear. Prioritize sealing these effects for optimal performance.

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🔥 Conclusion
Mastering the SSS-Tier Wraith Lord Necromancer build requires meticulous planning and strategic gear choices. From item farming to skill rotations, this guide equips you for success. Embrace the power of the Necromancer and ascend the corruption levels with confidence!

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