Get your items SOLO & WITHOUT TRADING with the Circle of Fortune! It’s like hitting the jackpot in a game show, with modifiers to find specific items or block unwanted events. No need to leave, just roll for new rewards. It’s the ultimate tool for target farming, and it’s bug-blessed too! So, say no to trading and yes to finding your own loot! 🎰🎮🛡️

In this video, I’m going to explain how the Circle of Fortune works and share how I’ve been utilizing it in my gameplay. In Act N, you can unlock this feature by visiting the observatory. Once there, you’ll have the option to gamble for various items and purchase Regional Lenses, which are modifiers that can be added to different parts of the game. These lenses can enhance your chances of finding specific items, such as helmets, or reduce the occurrence of certain events, like Arena or Dungeon events.

Key Takeaways
– Unlock the Circle of Fortune in Act N by visiting the observatory.
– Purchase Regional Lenses to modify gameplay and increase chances of finding specific items.
– Use the Circle of Fortune to block certain events and focus on target farming.

🎯 How to Use the Circle of Fortune

When you reach level 5 and eventually level 9, you’ll be able to access all three slots and block various game events, such as dungeons, campaigns, and monolith events. By prioritizing which type of gear you want and utilizing the Circle of Fortune strategically, you can increase your favor and acquire valuable loot more efficiently.

🧩 Bug Reports and Gameplay Tips

It’s important to note that there are currently some bugs present in the game. For instance, some players have reported receiving unwanted prophecies and encountering issues with certain items. Despite these bugs, the Circle of Fortune continues to be a valuable tool for target farming and increasing your chances of obtaining unique items and crafting materials.

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