The empowered monolith in Last Epoch is a wild ride – it’s a real challenge for any player. I’ve completed the entire campaign, but the empowered version is where the real action is. It’s tough but the rewards are better. My build is a strength-stacking druid, and while it’s a blast in regular rifts, it struggles in the empowered version. I’m working on beefing up my character, and looking forward to trying out some new builds to tackle this tough content! 🎮🌪️

Introduction 🌟

Hey guys and welcome to video today update number four on my through last Epoch and today we finally hit the empowered monolith.

Completionist Delight 💪

I’ve completed 100% of the entire campaign, including all quests, waypoints, and unlocking all item slots and passive skills.

Non-Empowered Drifts 👣

Before moving onto the empowered drifts, I made sure to explore every single zone in non-empowered mode to catch up with gear and see all the zone bosses at least once.

Unlocking Empowered Zones 🚪

By completing 90 zones, I was able to unlock the empowered drifts, which come with better rewards but also pose a greater challenge due to the increased corruption.

Building a Strength Stacking Build ⚔️

My character is currently a strength stacking build, utilizing the abilities of the Werebear form and the Rampage skill to deal formidable damage. I’m working on improving gear and need to focus on aspects such as resistance, life, and endurance to enhance the build.

Gear Upgrades 🛡️

I am assembling a personalized loot filter to find the specific gear attributes I require, such as strength, life, and resistance. Additionally, I’ve obtained gear like the Alivar Claim and the Cleaver of Solution to enhance my build.

Exploring Different Zones 🗺️

I’ve started making a list of all the different zones with blessings, marking out which ones I want to work towards. Additionally, I’m looking into using prophecies and merging stats on legendary items to further optimize my build.

Passive Tree Progress 🌳

I’ve allocated points within the primalist and shaman trees to boost aspects such as lightning penetration, strength, and damage reduction to improve my character’s capabilities.

Conquering Echoes and Challenges 💥

I’ve been engaged in farming and tackling various Echoes to obtain rewards, improve gear, and unlock boss fights, which will be essential for my build’s progression.

Obstacles and Bug Encounters 🐞

I’ve encountered some issues with my build, particularly related to it getting occasionally stuck when using the Rampage ability, hindering my ability to navigate certain terrain and challenges.

Working Towards Alternatives 🔄

Despite the current challenges, I’m considering switching to a different build, such as the Tornado Swarm Blade, to overcome specific limitations and farming goals.

Future Plans 📈

My goal is to address the issues with my current build, gather necessary gear and blessings, and potentially revisit it once the obstacles have been resolved.

Conclusion 🏁

Thank you for tuning in and watching. I hope to resolve the challenges with my build and share the progress with you in the next video update!

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