• This build is a total game-changer, smashing through enemies with ease. It’s like a symphony of destruction, blending single-target and AOE damage into a beautiful melody of annihilation. The unique gear is frustrating to find, but once you do, it’s like finding a pot of gold. The potential for this build is off the charts, making it the best I’ve ever seen. Plus, it’s a blast to play, so what more could you want? 💥🎮

Introduction 🌟

Welcome back to a beautiful build guide for the Spark Charge Nova Runemaster in Last Epoch. Whether you’re here for the first time or have been searching for a link to the planner, feel free to navigate to the description box. Your support means the world to me, so make sure to hit the like button – I would really appreciate it. Now, let’s dive into this powerful character build.

This build focuses on using the Spark Charge Nova skill with a combination of the Rune Master mastery. Despite the mediocre gear, this build is capable of delivering massive area-of-effect (AOE) damage as well as significant single-target damage. From crushing huge groups of enemies to taking down tough bosses, this build has proven to be one of the best I’ve ever played, and I’m excited to share the details with you.

Character Overview 💥

The character build revolves around leveraging three main abilities for damage reduction, as well as generating up to 25 charges. Despite the challenging gear situation, the build has proven to be surprisingly effective, showcasing its potential to reach even higher levels of performance with better equipment.

Mandatory Gear and Stat Priorities 🎯

When it comes to gearing up for this build, there are several mandatory items that you must obtain in order to fully maximize its potential. The primary unique item required for this build is the Star of the Hegemon, which forms the core of the entire build.

Mandatory Uniques Item Description
Star of the Hegemon Essential for the build, enables fast cast speed and damage scaling.
Fragment of Enigma Key for boosting spell damage and cast speed.
Circle of Fortune Offers a significant boost to intelligence and spell damage.
Strand of Souls Provides vital damage and intelligence bonuses, but can be hard to acquire.

The builds demands careful curation of gear to optimize attributes like intelligence, cast speed, and spell damage. It’s essential to focus on getting the right rolls on items to ensure the build’s effectiveness.

Notable Gear Recommendations 💡

In addition to the mandatory items, specific gear suggestions come into play to enhance the build’s overall performance. Items like Eternalized or Solarum Bracers, depending on your attribute preferences, can contribute to further enhancing the build’s capabilities.

Gear Recommendations Item Description
Eternalized or Solarum Bracers Provide additional attributes and can be tailored based on individual preferences.
Swaddling of the Erased A versatile piece that complements intelligence, cast speed, and spell damage.
Starold Travel Offers a significant burst of damage when linked with the Runic Invocation skill.

Skill and Mastery Allocation 🔧

The character’s skill and mastery allocation significantly contribute to the effectiveness and playstyle of the build. By investing in specific skills and masteries, you can enhance the damage output, survivability, and overall performance of the character.

Mastery Allocation

The emphasis lies on acquiring critical abilities from the Rune Master and Sorcerer masteries to boost elemental and crit damage, as well as gaining access to powerful defense mechanisms.

  • 8 Points in Arcane Insight for increased mana and area scaling.
  • 7 Points in Brand of the Inferno to improve boss damage and skill efficiency.
  • 5 Points in Doom for increased damage and Crit chance.

Skill Allocation

Picking the right combination of skills and allocating points accordingly is crucial to creating a powerful and synergistic set of abilities.

  • 5 Points in Frost Claw to maximize damage and crit multipliers.
  • 5 Points in Elemental Nova for additional elemental damage.
  • 4 Points in Infernal Nova to expand area damage potential.

Conclusion ✨

In conclusion, the Spark Charge Nova Runemaster build is an intricate and potent character setup that boasts exceptional damage output and versatility. By carefully curating gear, optimizing stat priorities, and strategically allocating skill and mastery points, you can unleash the full potential of this build. Whether tackling hordes of enemies or engaging in intense boss battles, the build remains a top contender for Last Epoch players seeking a robust and satisfying gameplay experience.

Key Takeaways 🌠

  • The Star of the Hegemon is crucial for the build’s success, providing essential bonuses to cast speed and intelligence.
  • Strategic allocation of skill points and masteries can significantly enhance damage output and defensive capabilities.
  • Careful consideration of gear attributes such as intelligence, cast speed, and spell damage is vital to maximizing the build’s potential.


  • Q: Can the build effectively handle endgame content?
    • A: Yes, with the right gear and skill allocation, the build is well-equipped for challenging endgame encounters.

Thank you for taking the time to explore this Last Epoch build guide. I hope it sparks new ideas and strategies for your own character development. Make sure to hit the subscribe button for more exciting content, and I’ll catch you in the next guide! Keep on gaming! 🎮

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