This Paladin build is a blast! 💥 It’s smooth, solid, and scales well. The key is the legendary pair of Hands of Judgment. It boosts damage and adds AOE. The Pious Offering skill is mana hungry but packs a punch. The Holy Aura and Sigils enhance survivability and healing. Overall, it’s a killer build! 🔥🛡️

Introduction 👋

The Hand of Judgment Paladin build in Last Epoch offers a fun and solid gameplay experience that is perfect for taking on 100 monoliths. In this guide, we will explore the key aspects of this build and how to make it work efficiently.

Overview of the Build

One of the essential items that makes this build work is the legendary pair of "Hand of Justice" gloves. These gloves greatly enhance the effects of Judgment and consecrated ground. By utilizing these items, the build scales well in terms of damage output and provides sustained performance.

Skills and Scaling 🛡️

The primary skills used in this build include Judgment and consecrated ground. These skills scale well with specific attributes such as strength and atunement effectiveness. Moreover, the synergy between scaling strength and damage via consecrated ground adds to the build’s overall effectiveness in combat.

Significance of Melee Abilities

With a focus on consecrated ground and strength-based scaling, the build’s melee abilities are potent, dealing significant damage against enemy Health. Furthermore, the inclusion of Pious Offering enhances damage output and mana management, making it a crucial part of the build’s effectiveness in combat scenarios.

Passive Skills and Gear 🛠️

For passive skills, the focus lies on resistance, armor, and health regeneration to achieve a more durable and efficient character build. Additionally, the gear selection is crucial, especially in terms of specific stats such as resistance, fire penetration, and health attributes.

Importance of Idols

The use of Idols can significantly impact the build, especially in terms of attributes such as healing effectiveness and resistance. Finding the right balance of stats and attributes through Idol selection contributes to the overall success of the build.

Gameplay and Attributes 🎮

In actual gameplay, the build demonstrates resilience and potency, providing a smooth and stable experience. The use of skills and attributes such as health regeneration, elemental resistance, and damage mitigation ensures a well-rounded character build that can handle varied combat situations effectively.

Character Attributes

The character’s attributes, including movement speed, health, and healing capabilities, play a crucial role in the build’s success. Achieving a well-rounded character through the allocation of skill points and attribute enhancement is essential for maximizing the build’s potential.


The Hand of Judgment Paladin Build in Last Epoch offers a compelling and effective gameplay experience. By focusing on tailored skills, attribute scaling, and gear selection, players can create a versatile and robust character build that excels in various combat scenarios.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hand of Judgment Paladin build focuses on scaling strength and consecrated ground effectiveness, leading to potent melee abilities.
  • Passive skill allocation, gear selection, and Idol usage play pivotal roles in enhancing the build’s overall performance.
  • Character attributes such as health, elemental resistance, and movement speed significantly impact the build’s success.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy exploring and utilizing the potential of the Hand of Judgment Paladin Build in Last Epoch!

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