The recent patch in Last Epoch 1.0.2 brought some huge nerfs to the Circle of Fortune. Arena keys and P Toms got hit hard, making them almost worthless now. The game is still worth playing, but a little disappointing. However, XP toome Echoes are still the best, so keep prioritizing them. Cheers! 🎮

🎮 Introduction

In the most recent patch for Last Epoch 1.0.2, there have been significant nerfs to the Circle of Fortune (CF). This update video will cover the major changes and their impact on gameplay.

Disappointing Changes

The first major nerf is the reduction in gold costs for Arena keys and Arena keys of memory. This change has essentially rendered them worthless, affecting the prophecy and the burden on Merchant Guild players.

"I feel already at the highest level Merchant Guild is the strongest if you look at the top corruption pushers they’re mostly Merchant Guild just because of the way uh trade interacts with other players how you can buy the items of everyone even if you have a huge drop Boost from coff you you still can’t compete with the collective drops of everybody if you’re playing the market correctly."

🛡️ Impact on Gameplay

The second significant change is the prevention of P Toms from being doubled, resulting in a direct nerf to the rate at which coof levels and gains favor. This has implications for the experience and favor gained by players, particularly in the early stages of the game.

Experience and Favor

The XP tomes are a crucial source of experience and favor early on, but they do not scale with corruption. This means that as players progress further into the game and at higher levels of corruption, the impact of this change will diminish.

Level of Corruption Impact on Experience and Favor
Early stages Roughly 80% of previous gains
Higher levels Approaching 95% of previous gains

📊 Updated Spreadsheet

For those curious about the impact of these changes, an updated spreadsheet has been provided. It includes notes on the gold nerf on the XP to Gold conversion sheet and the XP to Unique conversion.

"Some of you are probably wondering whether or not it’s still worth running the XP toome Echoes if it’s still the best echo in the game for favor and the answer is yes it’s still the best."

Prioritizing XP Toome Echoes

Despite the changes, the XP toome Echoes remain the best option for favor in the game. The updated calculations show that even with the adjustments, the XP toome Echoes still provide the most value, especially as players progress further into the game.

🌟 Conclusion

In conclusion, while the recent patch has brought significant nerfs to the Circle of Fortune, the XP toome Echoes remain a priority for players. The impact of these changes may be felt more in the early stages of the game, but they still offer the best option for favor and experience.

I hope you found this update informative and helpful. Cheers!

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