"The earthquake build is a game-changer, I’m tellin’ ya! It’s like a primal force unleashed. The skills and gear combo is off the charts. We’re talkin’ big damage and unstoppable power. Plus, the Aftershock talent is a game-winner. You want to be a beastmaster? This build is where it’s at. Trust me, it’s a total game-changer! 🌪️🎮💥"


In this guide, we will be diving into the Earthquake build created by The Curse. This build is focused on playing a barbarian and experimenting with new skills such as swipe, leap, and war cry. We will be discussing the skills, passive abilities, gear, and gameplay strategy for this exciting build.

Key Takeaways

Here are the main points we will cover in this guide:

Skills Passive Abilities Gear Gameplay
Swipe, leap, war cry Berserker, Panther Stacks Sanguinous, Steps of Living Aftershocks, Thorn Totems

Skills Overview

The Earthquake build focuses on utilizing skills such as swipe, leap, and war cry. These skills provide both offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing for versatile gameplay options.

Skills Table

Here’s a breakdown of the skills used in the Earthquake build:

Skill Name Description
Swipe A powerful offensive skill
Leap Defensive mobility skill
War cry Crowd control and debuff skill

Passive Abilities

The Beastmaster Earthquake build utilizes passive abilities such as Berserker and Panther Stacks to enhance both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Passive Ability List

Here are some key passive abilities used in the Earthquake build:

  • Berserker for increased damage output
  • Panther Stacks for defensive buffs
  • Sanguinous and Steps of Living for added bonuses

Gear Selection

Choosing the right gear is crucial for the success of the Earthquake build. Items such as Sanguinous and Steps of Living provide essential bonuses and enhancements.

Gear List

Here are some essential gear items for the Earthquake build:

  • Sanguinous for increased damage
  • Steps of Living for added bonuses
  • Cleaver for offensive capabilities

Gameplay Strategy

Mastering the gameplay strategy for the Earthquake build is essential for success. Utilizing skills such as Aftershocks and Thorn Totems can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

Gameplay Strategy

Here are some key strategies for the Earthquake build:

  • Utilize Aftershocks for additional damage
  • Place Thorn Totems strategically for crowd control
  • Maintain a balance between offensive and defensive skills


In conclusion, the Last Epoch 1.0 Beastmaster Earthquake build offers an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience. By mastering skills, passive abilities, gear selection, and gameplay strategy, players can fully unleash the potential of this powerful build.


Q: Can the Earthquake build be tailored for a more defensive playstyle?
A: Yes, by adjusting gear and passive abilities, the build can be customized for a more defensive approach.

Q: Are there variations of the Earthquake build for different playstyles?
A: Absolutely, the build can be adapted to suit various playstyles and preferences.

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