Falconer’s potential for 700% more damage is mind-blowing! With skills like Dive Bomb and Aerial Assault, it’s a game-changer. Plus, the skill tree offers some neat nodes for damage multipliers. The possibilities are endless – it’s gonna hit hard! 👊💥 #Falconer #GameChanger


So, we’re just a week away from the launch of Last Epoch, and I’m already getting really excited. The class I’m most looking forward to is the falconer. With the recent reveal of the class and the full build planner available, I’ve discovered a potential setup that could significantly increase damage output. In this video, we’ll break down the different skills, pointing out the nodes that are worth exploring, and ultimately, show you how to set up for 700% more damage.

Falconer Skill Tree Overview 🌲

The falconer is a unique class that revolves around the use of a falcon companion and dexterity stat scaling. The skills in the falconer tree offer a variety of ways to enhance damage and control through different nodes and builds.

Falconer Mark

The Falconer’s Mark skill allows you to mark enemies, causing your next attack to deal increased damage. It’s an essential skill for setting up the potential 700% damage increase.

Falconer’s Journey

This skill provides a significant damage multiplier based on your dexterity, amplifying your falcon’s damage output. It also offers interesting nodes that enhance your control over the falcon.

Dive Bomb

One of the most potent skills, Dive Bomb, has the potential to achieve over 700% more damage with the right setup. The skill tree for this ability offers various nodes that further boost the damage potential and reduce cooldowns.

Aerial Assault

While not directly tied to the high-damage setup, Aerial Assault complements the existing rogue skills, such as Shadow Daggers. It provides additional utility and synergy with other abilities.


Additionally, the Net skill offers crowd control capabilities, further enhancing the falconer’s ability to control the battlefield. The skill tree includes nodes that increase overall damage and add unique effects to the net.


Lastly, the Trap skill provides explosive damage and utility for the falconer. It can be combined with other skills and nodes to achieve a substantial damage increase, but also offers crowd control options.


The falconer skill tree in Last Epoch offers a diverse set of abilities and nodes, allowing players to customize their playstyle and maximize damage output. The potential for a 700% damage increase is an exciting prospect, and we’re eager to see how the falconer class will perform in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • The falconer class in Last Epoch offers unique skills and builds centered around a falcon companion and dexterity scaling.
  • The potential for achieving a 700% damage increase through specific skill setups is an exciting aspect of the falconer’s gameplay.
  • The diverse range of abilities and nodes in the falconer skill tree provides players with ample opportunities for customization and strategic decision-making.


  • Can the falconer class be effectively combined with other classes in Last Epoch for increased damage potential?
  • Are there other skill setups in the falconer tree that offer unique playstyles and utility beyond high damage output?

Thanks for tuning in! See you all again soon. 🎮

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