Leveling my Necromancer in Last Epoch was like assembling a quirky minion army. Started without a plan, accidentally became an undead commander. Skeletal Mages turned my minions into frosty warriors—surprisingly effective. Survived challenges, tweaked skills, conquered Chapter 5 chaos. Lesson: prioritize minion life and leech over raw damage. Now, onto the endgame! 💀❄️ #LastEpoch #NecromancerJourney

Key Takeaways 🚀

  • Last Epoch offers a unique gaming experience with its minion-focused builds.
  • Leveling a Necromancer with a minion army can be both challenging and rewarding.
  • Proper investment in minion life and leech can significantly strengthen your build.
  • Experimenting with different minion types and skills is crucial to finding what suits your playstyle best.
  • Balancing damage output with minion survivability is key to success in Last Epoch.

Early Game Experience 🎮

In the early stages of Last Epoch, diving into minion-based gameplay without a clear plan can lead to unexpected outcomes. Despite initial reservations about minion-focused builds, the acquisition of powerful items like Wraith Lords Harbor and World Herald of a Scuri can quickly steer your character in that direction.

Pros Cons
Smooth gameplay experience Vulnerability to damage over time effects

"I had no choice but to roll with minions, and accidentally ended up with a minion army."

Embracing Necromancy 💀

Upon embracing the role of a necromancer, the focus shifts towards optimizing minion effectiveness. Investing in skills and passives that enhance minion survivability and damage output becomes paramount. While early game minions may feel squishy, strategic investment in minion leech and health can drastically improve their durability.

  • Skeletons and Golems: Effective at low levels, but susceptible to damage over time effects.
  • Transition to Cold: Converting minions to cold damage can increase efficiency.

Challenges in Chapter 5 🏰

Chapter 5 presents new challenges for minion-focused builds, with encounters that can quickly shred through your minions. However, strategic adjustments and experimentation with different minion types, such as wraiths, can help overcome these obstacles.

| Tip |

| Prioritize minion survivability over DPS |

"My minions were getting shredded, but strategic adjustments helped me navigate through Chapter 5."

Skill and Passive Speculation 🔍

Navigating the skill and passive tree requires careful consideration to optimize your minion build. Experimentation with different skills, such as summoning skeletons and skeletal mages, allows for customization based on personal preference and playstyle.

  • Investing in Minion Leech: Enhances minion survivability, especially in the early stages.
  • Balancing Damage and Survival: Prioritize survivability over pure damage output.

Gear and Itemization 🛡️

While leveling, utilizing a variety of gear and items can provide temporary boosts to your minion army’s effectiveness. Prioritizing resistance suffixes on rare items and upgrading gear regularly can mitigate vulnerabilities and enhance overall performance.

  • Random Item Selection: Utilize available items to provide temporary bonuses.
  • Resistance Suffixes: Prioritize resistance enhancements for improved survivability.

Conclusion 🎮

Leveling a Necromancer with a minion army in Last Epoch offers a dynamic and rewarding gaming experience. By strategically investing in minion survivability, experimenting with different skills and passives, and optimizing gear and itemization, players can overcome challenges and thrive in the world of Eterra.

Remember to prioritize minion survivability over pure damage output, and don’t hesitate to experiment with different minion types to find what works best for you. With strategic planning and perseverance, you can build a formidable minion army capable of conquering even the toughest challenges in Last Epoch.

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