This Paladin Sentinel build is like a thunderstorm on steroids, blending holy lightning strikes with insane damage and witty gameplay. With Healing Hands on autopilot and Smite’s explosive power, you’ll blast through enemies like a boss. It’s a high DPS, fun-filled frenzy that’ll leave you smiting and smiling. So, gear up, dive in, and let the lightning show begin! ⚡🛡️

Key Takeaways 🚀

  • Last Epoch introduces a new, high DPS Paladin Sentinel build focused on holy lightning and insane damage.
  • The build revolves around utilizing skills like Smite, Healing Hands, and various auras to maximize damage output and survivability.
  • Strategic allocation of skill points and gear choices significantly impact the effectiveness of the build.
  • Gameplay emphasizes mobility, shielding, and smart resource management to maintain high damage output and sustain survivability.

💥 Explosive Damage with Smite

Smite serves as the cornerstone of this build, offering massive damage potential. Augmenting Smite with abilities like Blinding Flash and Mana efficiency boosts its effectiveness even further.

Skill Description
Smite Main source of damage, boosted by various skill augmentations.
Blinding Flash Increases damage against Blinded enemies, enhancing Smite’s effectiveness.
Healing Hands Auto-casts Healing Hands, providing passive healing and mana efficiency.

🛡️ Fortify Your Defenses

Balancing offensive prowess with defensive capabilities is crucial. Skills like True Strike and Purification Aura bolster survivability, allowing players to withstand formidable challenges.

Aura of Protection:

  • Grants healing effectiveness and damage reduction to bolster survivability.
  • Purification Aura cleanses debuffs and provides a chance to ignite enemies, enhancing offensive capabilities.

🌩️ Harnessing the Power of Lightning

The build capitalizes on lightning damage enhancements to amplify Smite’s potency. Utilizing specific gear and skill allocations tailored towards lightning damage yields impressive results.

Gear Effect
Devotion Amulet Enhances spellcasting speed and mana efficiency, essential for sustaining high damage output.
Lightning Wands Increase lightning damage and spellcasting speed, complementing the build’s lightning focus.

🏹 Strategic Skill Point Allocation

Strategically distributing skill points across various abilities maximizes synergies and enhances overall build effectiveness.

Skill Point Distribution:

  • Prioritize skills like Healing Hands, Smite, and defensive auras for optimal balance between offense and defense.
  • Allocate points based on personal playstyle and build objectives to tailor the build to individual preferences.

🚀 Dynamic Gameplay Mechanics

Engaging gameplay mechanics emphasize fluid movement, smart positioning, and efficient skill usage to achieve peak performance in combat scenarios.

Combat Strategy:

  • Utilize mobility skills like Shield Dash and Javelin to maneuver swiftly and evade enemy attacks.
  • Maintain resource management by strategically using Healing Hands and managing mana consumption during prolonged engagements.

🛠️ Optimal Gear Selection

Choosing the right gear is paramount to the build’s success. Prioritize items that enhance lightning damage, mana efficiency, and defensive attributes to optimize performance.

Gear Recommendations:

  • Focus on items with affixes that boost lightning damage, spellcasting speed, and mana regeneration.
  • Equip defensive gear like Champion Chests and Bracers to bolster survivability and mitigate incoming damage.

Conclusion 🎮

The new Paladin Sentinel build in Last Epoch offers players an exciting and potent gameplay experience, combining explosive damage with strategic versatility. By leveraging lightning-focused skills, defensive auras, and optimal gear selections, players can dominate the battlefield while enjoying dynamic and engaging gameplay mechanics.

📚 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the primary focus of the Paladin Sentinel build in Last Epoch?
A: The build focuses on maximizing damage output through lightning-based skills like Smite while also prioritizing defensive capabilities to ensure survivability in challenging encounters.

Q: How important is skill point allocation in this build?
A: Skill point allocation plays a crucial role in optimizing the build’s effectiveness. Players should prioritize skills that enhance damage, survivability, and mana efficiency based on their individual playstyle and preferences.

Q: What gear should players prioritize for this build?
A: Players should prioritize gear that enhances lightning damage, spellcasting speed, and mana regeneration. Defensive items like Champion Chests and Bracers are also essential for mitigating damage and sustaining survivability.

Q: What gameplay mechanics define the Paladin Sentinel build?
A: Dynamic gameplay mechanics emphasize fluid movement, strategic positioning, and efficient skill usage to maximize damage output and survivability in combat scenarios.

Q: How does the Paladin Sentinel build perform in endgame content like monoliths?
A: The build excels in endgame content like monoliths, offering potent damage output and survivability. By mastering gameplay mechanics and optimizing gear selections, players can conquer formidable challenges with ease.

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