• Easy farming build using Echo Night: Hold down right click to demolish everything in the game. Dream form sword for void damage and increased melee damage. Unique Anguish for increased movement speed and chance to doom. Easy to use, powerful for farming.

  • Acolyte fire Necromancer build: Simple and deals tons of damage. Easy to farm gear, great for new players to understand how minions work. Skeletons, pyromancers, vanguards, and golem as minions. Original and effective for beginners.

  • Mastery spreading ailment Fireball build: Uniques and set items for ignite stacks and fire damage. Fireball, ward generation, teleport, and meteor skills. Burst in damage and ignite stacks over time, easy to farm gear.

  • Shadow dagger dance: Hybrid melee minion build with shadow daggers for damage. Shift, umbra daggers, bomb, shadow cascade, and lethal mirage skills. Insane damage and crit rate, easy to play with no need for uniques.

  • Beast master hybrid melee minion build: Converts wolves into squirrels, easy to play and farm gear. Swipe, fury leap, war cry, summon, and primalist skills. Up to six minions, powerful passive bonuses, and easy for new players. 🎮🔥

These builds provide unique and easy-to-understand gameplay experiences, perfect for new players. Each build has its own charm and effectiveness, catering to different playstyles.


In today’s guide for new players in Last Epoch, we will be exploring five awesome builds. Each of these builds is specifically curated for new players, taking into account their ease of use and effectiveness. We’ll cover the unique features of each build and how they can provide a great start for understanding the game.

Criteria for New Player Builds

The criteria for selecting these builds includes uniqueness, ease of farming, simplicity in playstyle, and effectiveness in understanding game mechanics.

Key Takeaways:

Criteria Description
Uniqueness Each build has unique elements that set it apart from others.
Ease of farming The required items for each build are easily obtainable, even for new players.
Simplicity in playstyle The builds have straightforward playstyles that are easy to grasp.
Understanding game mechanics These builds are designed to help new players understand the game mechanics effectively.

Build 1: Fire Necromancer 🔥

The Fire Necromancer build is a simple yet powerful choice for new players. It deals a significant amount of damage and is easy to itemize for. The build utilizes a combination of skeleton archers, pyromancers, and golems to overwhelm enemies.

Gear for the Fire Necromancer:

Gear Availability
Reach of the Grave Equipable at level 5, easy to obtain from certain areas.
Ribbons of Blood Obtainable at level 53, drops from specific bosses.
Fall of the Outcast Defeat the boss with a 50/50 chance to drop this item.

Skills for the Fire Necromancer include Summon Skeleton, Summon Golem, Mage, Shade, and Volatile Reversal. Each skill complements the playstyle of the build, contributing to its effectiveness.

Build 2: Fire Acolyte ⚔️

The Fire Acolyte build focuses on spreading ailment through Fireballs to apply ignite stacks, dealing continuous damage over time. By utilizing specific uniques and set items, this build showcases its prowess in igniting enemies to dust.

Gear for the Fire Acolyte:

Gear Availability
Charred Tome A farmable unique from specific areas.
Song of War Drops from the stolen lands timeline, easy to obtain.
The Relic A versatile item drop useful for the build’s mechanics.

Skills for the Fire Acolyte include Fireball, Entomb, Teleport, Meteor, and Ice Barrage. These skills synergize well, allowing the Acolyte to unleash devastating fire-based attacks.


These five builds represent a diverse range of playstyles and mechanics suitable for new players in Last Epoch. Each build offers a unique experience, whether it’s summoning minions, casting powerful spells, or dominating enemies with melee attacks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Each build caters to different preferences and offers valuable learning opportunities.
  • New players can gain insights into various game mechanics by trying out these builds.

By trying out these top 5 builds, new players can gain a better understanding of Last Epoch’s gameplay and mechanics. Whether it’s summoning minions, casting powerful spells, or unleashing devastating attacks, these builds provide an excellent introduction to the game.

Is Last Epoch a beginner-friendly game?
Yes, Last Epoch offers a variety of builds to cater to different playstyles, making it accessible for beginners.

What kind of playstyle do these builds offer?
The featured builds range from minion summoning to ranged spellcasting, providing diverse playstyles for new players.

Would these builds be effective for end-game content?
While designed for new players, these builds can be optimized and developed for effective end-game play and progression.

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