Warlock’s FISSURE leveling build for Last Epoch 1.0 is a game changer! Massive AOE damage as I progress to level 55, no looking back, just annihilating monsters. With blink and mobility, boss battles are a piece of cake. Kiting enemies is fun, like leading a train of fire! And with zero mana cost for rip blood, sustaining damage is a breeze. Plus, love the gear choices for added resistance and damage. All hail the Warlock! 🧙‍♂️🔥

Overview 💥

In this guide, we will explore the fastest auto-casting fissure blink Warlock leveling build for Last Epoch. This guide showcases the versatility, damage, and mobility of the Warlock, highlighting how to progress through the game efficiently.

Introduction to Last Epoch and Warlock

The Last Epoch Warlock offers a dynamic experience with superior mobility, AOE damage, and efficient leveling capabilities. With the Warlock’s skillset, monsters are swiftly vanquished, and players can effectively reach level 55 in record time.

The Power of Fissure: Navigating Early Levels 🌟

When transitioning from a beginner to a Warlock, mastering the interplay of skills such as ‘Rip Blood’ and ‘Bone Curse’ is essential for sustained damage and progress. These abilities are fundamental in neutralizing enemies while maintaining resilience.

Skill Level Range
Rip Blood 1-15
Bone Curse 15-Up
Blink Warlock 15-Up

Mastering Fissure: Amplifying Damage 🌀

The ‘Chaos Fissure’ becomes the linchpin skill for Warlocks, enabling players to swiftly dispatch enemies with minimal mana consumption. With its unique kiting utility, this skill enhances speed and damage output, making it a formidable asset for swift progression.

Strategic Mana Management: Balancing Resources 📈

As players advance, strategic mana management becomes paramount. Maintaining a steady mana reserve is crucial for activating abilities such as ‘Chaos Fissure’ and ‘Rip Blood’ while ensuring sustainable life steal and shield generation.

Strategy Level Range
Reserving Mana Advanced Levels
Optimal Skills Advanced Levels

Gearing for Success: Enhancing Performance 🛡️

Players can optimize their Warlock’s performance with specific gear selections, focusing on elemental resistance, mana augmentation, and spell damage amplification. Balancing these attributes ensures a well-rounded and formidable Warlock build.

Strategic Gear Selection: Augmenting Abilities 🌪️

  • Acquire items with ‘narcotic resistance.’
  • Prioritize balanced elemental resistance.
  • Seek gear with movement speed benefits for added agility.


With this comprehensive guide, players can harness the resilience, agility, and potent capabilities of the Warlock. By strategically mastering skills, managing resources, and optimizing gear, players can ascend to new heights in Last Epoch.

Key Takeaways 🗝️

  • Fastest Auto-Casting Fissure Blink Warlock Build
  • Strategic Skill Progression
  • Effective Mana Management Strategies
  • Gear Selection for Enhanced Performance

In conclusion, this guide makes leveling for Last Epoch Warlock swift and efficient. By employing the strategies and principles outlined here, players can master the art of channeling chaotic energy, transcending challenges, and emerging victorious in their Warlock journey.

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