Warlock’s Button Nuke build is a game changer! Activate one ability and watch the screen clear with explosions. Easy mana management and insane damage make it perfect for high level maps. All abilities are connected, creating a powerful and fun playstyle. Get ready to dominate with this Warlock build in Last Epoch! 🔥🎮


In the game Last Epoch, the Warlock build has gained popularity due to its ability to clear screens quickly and efficiently. This guide will provide an in-depth analysis of this powerful build and how it can be used to dominate in high-level maps.

Overview of the Build

The Warlock build focuses on using a combination of powerful abilities, including Konic Fisher and Soul Feast, to clear screens and defeat enemies with ease. This build is especially effective for players looking to progress through high corruption maps and take on challenging enemies.

Building the Warlock

To create a successful Warlock build, it’s important to carefully select gear and allocate skill points to maximize the effectiveness of your abilities. The build relies on specific equipment and passive skills to enhance necrotic damage and mana efficiency.

Equipment Effect
Isra’s Helmet Provides a chance to apply necrotic spells and penetration
Belt Increases chances of necrotic hits
Boots Reduces cooldown recovery for transplant and increases damage over time
Relic Offers increased mana regeneration and resistance

"As a Warlock, the choice of equipment is crucial to maximizing the potential of the build."

Key Abilities and Correlations

The Warlock build relies on the synergy between multiple abilities and their interactions with each other. Soul Feast and Konic Fisher play significant roles in dealing damage and clearing screens, while other abilities like Rip Blood and Chaos Bolts provide additional boosts and debuffs.

Ability Effect
Soul Feast Nukes the screen and kills enemies off-screen
Konic Fisher Activates chaos bolts and regenerates mana
Chaos Bolts Deals significant damage and synergizes with Konic Fisher
Rip Blood Triggers blood splatter and increases ward and health

The successful execution of the Warlock build relies on the proper activation and management of the interconnected abilities.

H2: True Potential of the Build

Understanding the Complexity

The Warlock build may seem straightforward in its mechanics, but managing mana and activation of abilities requires skill and precision. With the right gear and passive skills, players can unleash the full potential of this build and tackle even the most challenging content.

Challenges Rewards
Managing Mana Increased ward and health gain
Deployment of Abilities Screen-clearing efficiency

Developing a Unique Playstyle

Players can customize their playstyle with the Warlock build, choosing between different combination of abilities and gear to suit their preference. Experimentation with different equipment and skill allocation can further enhance the versatility and effectiveness of the build.


  • Adjusting gear and abilities to suit individual playstyle can lead to a more personalized and rewarding gaming experience.
  • Experimenting with different combination of abilities allows for a diverse and engaging gameplay.


The Warlock build in Last Epoch offers an exciting and powerful gameplay experience for players who are seeking a challenge. With the potential for high damage output and screen-clearing capabilities, the Warlock build is a formidable choice for those looking to dominate in high-corruption maps and beyond.

The Warlock build presents a unique mix of abilities, gear, and strategic gameplay that sets it apart as one of the most compelling builds in Last Epoch.

Key Takeaways

  • The Warlock build is centered around abilities such as Soul Feast, Konic Fisher, Chaos Bolts, and Rip Blood.
  • Careful selection of gear and passive skills is crucial to maximizing the build’s effectiveness.
  • Players can experiment with different combinations of gear and abilities to develop a unique playstyle.

Q: Can the Warlock build handle high corruption maps?
A: Yes, with the right gear and skill allocation, the Warlock build is capable of clearing high corruption maps with ease.

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