The new skill Healing Hands for Paladins in Last Epoch is 🔥🔥! It’s like a Swiss army knife for healing, turning melee attacks, Smite casts, and even channeling abilities into potent healing tools. It’s so versatile, it’s like getting a new superpower. Last Epoch 1.0 is coming soon, and this skill is going to be a game-changer for sure. #GameChanger #HealingHands #LastEpoch1.0 🎮

Introduction 🎮

Hello everyone and welcome to action RPG! I’m your host Aaron and for today’s video we’re headed to the world of Last Epoch once again for prepatch hype week day three. And what do I have for you today? Likely the most powerful new skill coming to Last Epoch – the paladin’s own Healing Hands. This skill is so awesome and I’m very excited to show it to you today. I’m a huge fan of paladins, so this is the skill.

Healing Hands Overview 🌟

As a baseline, Healing Hands is an ability which casts a medium-sized area of effect, heals allies including yourself for an immediate burst, and applies a heal over time for 3 seconds. At its base form, it might look underwhelming, but it has incredible potential with the right enhancements.

Cleric’s Hammer 🛠️

Points Assigned Healing Trigger Chance Additional Effect
Full Four Points Up to 100% All melee attacks provide healing to allies

Cleric’s Hammer grants Healing Hands a chance to trigger on a melee attack, with up to 100% chance with full four points assigned. This imbues all melee attacks to provide healing to all allies and yourself in the area, adding an extra layer of support to your combat abilities.

"Skills getting a little better, let’s continue…"

Hands of Aelius 🌠

Enhancement Effect
Healing Hands Synergy Synergizes with direct Smite cast
Searing Light Adds damage to Healing Hands’ area of effect

Hands of Aelius allows Healing Hands to synergize with your direct Smite cast, adding its own healing area to smites. Combined with Searing Light, it adds damage to Healing Hands’ area of effect, further enhancing smite builds with additional hit damage.

Divine Bolts Support 🌩️

Node Effect
Divine Catalyst Cast a number of Divine bolts with every Direct use of Healing Hands

By picking up the Divine Catalyst node, you will cast a number of Divine bolts with every direct use of Healing Hands. This further enhances the build, providing both healing and offensive capabilities to the paladin’s toolkit.

Rhea’s Chariot 🏇

Enhancement Effect
Traversal Charge into a target location, casting Healing Hands upon arrival
Sun Shroud Immunity while traveling

Rhea’s Chariot allows you to convert Healing Hands into a traversal ability, charging into a target location and casting Healing Hands upon arrival. This adds a six-second cooldown to Healing Hands but provides incredible maneuverability in combat.

Conclusion 🎯

These are just some of the incredible enhancements available for Healing Hands, and the potential for synergy with paladin abilities is truly exciting. Keep an eye out for more on prepatch hype week day four, where we’ll provide a recap of item factions Falconer and Warlock. Only 5 days away until we get our hands on Last Epoch 1.0!

Key Takeaways:

  • Healing Hands has various enhancements that add versatility and power to the paladin’s toolkit
  • The skill can be modified to heal allies, provide offensive support, and even serve as a traversal ability

Thank you for reading! 🌟

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