Falconer is a game-changer! It’s a master of unique skills, with the bird gimmick adding a cool factor. Unlike other classes, it doesn’t spread itself too thin. Falconer’s design is appealing, and its dexterity scaling is impressive. The aerial assault skill is a game-changer, and the potential combos are mind-blowing. Plus, the variety of builds it offers is exciting. Overall, Falconer is a breath of fresh air in the game. 🎮


The long-awaited Mastery class for the last epoch has finally been revealed – Falconer. In this introductory video, we explore what Falconer has to offer, comparing it to other classes and examining its design.

Class Overview

The Falconer class is a versatile class that allows players to summon a bird to aid them in battle. This bird can contribute to anywhere from 10% to 80% of the player’s damage, offering flexibility in playstyle. Unlike traditional minion builds, the Falconer’s bird does not scale off minion stats, but rather off the player’s dexterity, allowing for unique and diverse builds.

Mastery Mechanics

The Falconer’s Mastery tree contains various nodes that scale off dexterity, offering different ways to enhance the bird’s damage and utility. Additionally, the class allows for the use of traps and skills that can combo with the bird’s abilities, adding depth to gameplay.

Skills and Abilities

The Falconer class introduces skills such as aerial assault, synchronized strike, and the unique ability to throw acid flasks. These skills provide a blend of movement, damage, and utility, creating a dynamic playstyle for the class.

Passive Tree

The Falconer’s passive tree offers a wide variety of nodes that can enhance defense, offense, and utility. From increased armor to avoiding small projectiles, the passive tree allows for diverse build options.

Unique Mechanics

Exciting aspects such as synchronized strike, aerial assault, and the potential for unique items and idols specific to the class make Falconer a compelling choice for players seeking a fresh gameplay experience.


The Falconer class in The Last Epoch offers a unique and versatile playstyle, balancing bird summoning and trap-based skills to create an engaging gameplay experience. With its focus on dexterity scaling and diverse build options, Falconer provides a refreshing approach to combat and exploration in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Falconer allows for diverse playstyles by scaling the bird’s damage off the player’s dexterity
  • The class introduces unique skills and abilities, such as throwing acid flasks and comboing with traps
  • The passive tree provides flexibility and customization options for different playstyles

FAQ: Is Falconer a strong choice in The Last Epoch?

  • The Falconer class offers a unique and dynamic playstyle with a focus on dexterity scaling and diverse build options. Players seeking versatility and unique mechanics may find Falconer to be a strong choice for their gameplay experience.

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