Treasure hunt community race coming up! If you’re in, sign up now! No rules, just pure fun. It’s all about luck and finding that sweet loot. The prize? A killer Weaver’s will belt with some insane stats! Two winners – one on Legacy, one on cycle. Get that treasure and win big! Join the Discord to sign up. Race starts February 21st. Let’s go hunting! 💎🏁🔍

Key Takeaways

Type Description
Event Type Community race focused on treasure hunts
Prize Custom action RPG item for winners
Race Start February 21st
Sign-Up Discord channel sign-up required

🏆**Exciting Fourth Last Epoch Treasure Hunt Community Race!!**🏆

👀 Community Event Overview

Hello everyone and welcome to action RPG! I’m your host Aaron and for today’s video, we’re heading to the world of Last Epoch once again for my fourth treasure hunt community event. These races are a little different from typical gameplay races – they’re focused around treasure hunts, adding an element of randomness to give everyone a chance.

🎲 How This Race Differs

Unlike traditional race formats, my community races are centered around RNG-based events, where everyone has a puncher’s chance. To make it even more interesting, this event will involve a new Weaver’s Will belt, the Communion of the Erased, which offers exciting new stats and abilities.

Item Stats
Doubled stats for 1 second after potion use +1 potion slots per equipped Weaver item
51% armor, 33% Mana spent as Ward 12% more damage to stunned enemies

🏅 Prize Details

For this treasure hunt, the first person on Legacy and the first person on cycle one to find a Communion of the Erased with a minimum of 15 Weavers and roll a tier S hybrid Health will win a custom action RPG item. This race differs from typical events and encourages a focus on the end-game item mechanics, making it an exciting challenge for all players.

Legacy and cycle one participation Communion of the Erased with a minimum of 15 Weavers and a tier S hybrid Health roll
Discord Sign-Up Required Join the Discord channel and sign up to participate

📜 Conclusion

This treasure hunt community race offers an exciting change from regular gameplay races, encouraging players to test their skills and luck to win a custom action RPG item. Join the Discord and sign up to be part of the race starting on February 21st. Good hunting!

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