Gathering Storm is a game-changer! Lightning strikes are coming down like nobody’s business. 50 Stacks and zero delay means non-stop storm bolts! And don’t get me started on the new Tempest strike – cold, physical, and lightning strikes triggering Elemental Tempest spells. This update is on fire! Can’t wait to see the new Shaman builds! 🔥

First Look at Hype Week

Hello Travelers! Boardman 21 here, and today marks the beginning of hype week as we gear up for the highly anticipated launch of 1.0 for Last Epoch. In this news feed, we’ll be covering the exciting additions of the Gathering Storm and Tempest Strike rework.

What’s New in Hype Week

In the developer blog post from November, it was highlighted that the change to Tempest Strike left a gap for the Primalist class, which led to the introduction of Gathering Storm.

Introduction to Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm will replace Ice Thorns as a new skill available to all Primless players at level two. This lightning-powered skill allows you to stack storm bolts and unleash powerful lightning strikes on your enemies.

The Power of Storm Stacks ⚡

Gathering Storm allows you to accumulate storm stacks with each enemy hit, unleashing storm bolts at a greater frequency as you amass more stacks. Notably, the skill costs zero mana by default and gains increased damage and spell damage as you invest in strength and attunement, respectively.

Customizing Your Storm Experience

The skill tree for Gathering Storm provides various options for customization. Players can choose to focus on cold and ranged spell conversions, dual wielding support, and even whirlwind tactics for additional damage.

Reinvigorating Tempest Strike

Tempest Strike has also undergone a significant rework, transforming it into a powerful combo ability that triggers Elemental Tempest spells with each strike. The addition of new nodes within the skill tree allows for further enhancements and playstyle customization.

Prepare for Launch

With the launch of 1.0 drawing near, it’s important to note that server preparations will require a 24-hour downtime prior to release. Additionally, stay tuned for updates on new enemy models and animation improvements for 1.0.

Share Your Thoughts

Are you excited about the addition of Gathering Storm and the reworked Tempest Strike? Share your thoughts in the comments and let’s discuss the potential these skills hold. Stay safe and see you next time! 🌩️

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