1,000 Corruption, no sweat! Smashed the final boss, but got roasted by an Exile Mage – seriously, the hitbox was colder than the Alpine Halls. Invulnerability on shift saved me. Deathless push to 1,000, a fiesta of nerfs coming. Game over, Ro broke. 😅 #LastEpoch #GamingExploits


The video showcases a player pushing a character named Falconer to 1000 corruption in the game "Last Epoch." The player discusses their experience facing the final boss and various challenges along the way, including unexpected attacks and close calls with death. Despite encountering difficulties, the player successfully reaches 1000 corruption without dying, highlighting the effectiveness of their character build.

Key Takeaways:

  • Achieving 1000 Corruption: The player successfully pushes their character, Falconer, to 1000 corruption in the game "Last Epoch," demonstrating the viability of their build.
  • Challenges Faced: The player encounters unexpected attacks, such as a fire beam from a Golem and a hit from an Exile Mage, showcasing the game’s challenging mechanics.
  • Survival Strategies: Despite facing challenges, the player demonstrates effective survival strategies, such as using invulnerability on their shift ability.

Highlights from the Video:

  • Reaching 1000 Corruption: The player reaches 1000 corruption, achieving their goal for the run.
  • Close Calls: The player narrowly avoids death multiple times, showcasing their skill in the game.
  • Unusual Hitboxes: The player discusses unusual hitboxes in the game, highlighting a potential issue with the game’s mechanics.

Player Commentary:

  • Satisfaction with Build: The player expresses satisfaction with their character build’s performance, especially considering it is a life build.
  • Future Goals: The player mentions their intention to push further and improve their character’s performance in future runs.


The video provides an exciting glimpse into high-level gameplay in "Last Epoch," showcasing the challenges and strategies involved in pushing a character to 1000 corruption. Despite facing various difficulties, the player demonstrates skill and perseverance, ultimately achieving their goal. The video serves as both entertainment and a source of inspiration for players looking to push their characters to new heights in the game.

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